Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Woman Claims Waffle House Workers Brought Up ‘Nooses’ Around her Biracial Family (Watch)

Angelia Tabor-Fells
Angelia Tabor-Fells (TikTok)

*A TikTok video has gone viral with more than 2.5 million views on claims that workers at a Georgia Waffle House referenced nooses when a biracial family walked in to be seated.

Angelia Tabor-Fells, who runs a Georgia non-profit, described the experience while still at the Waffle House in Gainesville on Nov. 7, with her 6-month-old adopted son, her 15-year-old step-daughter and her 53-year-old sister with special needs.

Tabor-Fells filmed herself after the alleged comments took place. She stood near a table where her family ate their breakfast. “Look at my family, It’s very diverse,” she said in the video. “So I’m about to show you a waitress that decided to ask for a noose in front of me and my daughter.”
Tabor-Fells said she felt threatened by the situation when she heard two employees speaking about nooses just feet from the family’s table.

She then said that she spoke to the manager who said he has two nooses in his car. “So I’m pretty daggone sure this is probably the racist place I’ve ever been,” she said in the video.

Tabor-Fells then requested another employee her ticket to go and said: “Because miss thing over there needs a noose and we the only black people in here. And your manager said he got two nooses in his car so we’re getting the hell up out of here and I need a number for corporate.”

Watch below:

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The viral video was covered by WSBTV Atlanta, who said the Gainesville Police Department has started an investigation into the incident. Tabor-Fells’ lawyer said that the term noose “symbolizes brutal hate and an era in American history when thousands of African Americans were lynched and murdered simply for the color of their skin.”

“I love my community dearly and I do not condone verbal or physical threats of violence, nor do I wish to fuel the cycle of hate, harassment, or intimidation. We are calling on Waffle House to do whatever it takes to end racial discrimination and racial harassment in its restaurants.” Tabor-Fells said in a statement to WSBTV Atlanta.

The Waffle House responded in a statement that they take the allegations seriously and have started a thorough investigation. “We do not tolerate harassment or discrimination based on race. We intend to conduct a thorough investigation into all of her allegations, after which we will take appropriate disciplinary action,” the statement said.




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