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That Girl Lay Lay Responds to Controversy Over Using Old Clip of North West in Music Video
TikTok’s That Girl Lay Lay and North West

*Alaya High, better known as That Girl Lay Lay, was on Audacy’s V-103 in Atlanta to set the record straight about the take down demand issued by Kim Kardashian after the TikTok star posted a new music video featuring an old clip of North West.

As reported by the Daily Mail, That Girl Lay Lay shared a new video featuring the daughter of Kim and Kanye West during a playdate last year. The clip was used in a music video for one of her new rap songs.

The teenager – who just landed her own Nickelodeon series – claims Kardashian texted her and made clear that she does not have permission to use North’s image.

A post on Lay Lay’s Instagram said: “@kimkardashian texted me top take down the new TikTok video with North in it…I don’t know why…they invited ME to their house…this industry sucks!”

The message continued: “I asked what did I do wrong and they didn’t answer me…so confused on what this industry is…just trying to make good positive music for the #nevergiveup”

An insider tells TMZ that North’s parents never given permission for the child to be featured in the music video. They believe Lay Lay’s team used the old footage of North for publicity.

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The 14-year-old rapper and her father, Acie High, told their side of the story to the Big Tigger Morning Show.

“The second time, we did the same thing that I did the first time, which we made TikToks and videos, which they said that I was secretly recording— which is not true. I was around the nanny and all of the security in the house and there’s cameras everywhere and we were outside […] Everybody knew I was recording. They all know.”

Acie revealed that he and Kardashian spoke on a personal level several times, but when Tracy Romulus stepped in recently, “she was really, really nasty and that’s what really triggered me […] she was real insensitive.”

According to TMZ, it was actually Kim’s friend Tracy Romulus who texted Lay Lay and demanded she take down the video. 

“To be clear it was me who contacted Lay Lay’s dad, grown up to grown up. Kim never reached out to this child,” Romulus said. “I’m sorry it was not explained to her in a way for her to understand (because I very clearly explained to the dad) but Lay Lay was invited over 1 YEAR ago for a private child’s play date – not to be filmed and for that footage to be used in a music video over 1 year later.”

She concluded: “As Lay Lay grows older and she continues to have a career in this industry she will have to learn that nobody can film you and use your image without permission.

“North is an 8 year old child who is not on social media and it is well within her parent’s rights to say how and when their daughter’s image can be used for promotional purposes just like it’s well within Lay Lay’s parent’s rights to say yes or no when it comes to their child’s image.”

Listen to Lay Lay’s response to the controversy via the audio player below.

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