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Joe Collins Gets At Candace Owens & Brandon Tatum for Constantly Attacking Black Republicans

Joe Collins - Candace Owens
Joe Collins – Candace Owens

*Since no other Republicans or conservatives are taking a leadership role to address the infighting let me be the first. It is very disappointing to see someone like Candace Owens, once again attacking another Black Republican from the inner city.

This has been going on for far too long. Every time a Black cconservative or Republican from the inner city becomes successful you always have these self-proclaimed “thought leaders” like Candace Owens vilifying them. Kim Klacik being her latest target.

Candace Owens has somehow convinced White America she is the end all be all to Black conservatism, but Candace DID NOT grow up in, has never spent any time in nor has any connections to an inner city, therefore she DOES NOT speak for the Black community, she speaks for herself.

Her latest attack on Kim is another embarrassing example of a 45-minute incoherent rant about Kim’s public campaign finance report and Candace’s false perceptions of Kim’s personal life, which could warrant a serious defamation lawsuit. Candace Owens, on a 45 min Instagram live rant accused a Republican success story, Kim Klacik of committing federal criminal acts, attempting to defame her character with literally no proof.

Candace makes a living attacking inner city conservatives and Republicans who do not want to follow her ideology and by digging into backgrounds and narrating her version of someone’s life to her base of White conservative donors and followers who have narrow-minded, ill, preconceived notions of Black communities which further fuels the division within America.

She calls herself the founder of Blexit, an organization urging Black Democrats to leave the party, but this has hardly been the case. Blexit has NOT moved the needle in any capacity for Black voter turnout or registration. Blexit has turned in to one of the biggest grifters cash grabs next to Black Lives Matter raking in over $7 million last year ac cording to tax returns.

Keep in mind, Candace stole this platform after gaining popularity supporting President Trump. But called Owens a con artist who is following the money and posted receipts showing Candace compared President Trump to Hitler and speculated that he has a small penis when she was CEO of an extreme liberal website that trashed conservatives, Republicans and President Trump on a regular basis.

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Candace-Owens-scuffed-defaced-book-Screen-Shot-2020-09-19-at-10.25.13-PM-710x404-1One of the biggest issues Republicans and conservatives from inner cities have with Candace and her platform is her rhetoric is merely half-truths that do not resonate with Republicans and conservatives who live in cities controlled by Democrats. She makes it extremely hard for inner city conservatives and Republicans to engage with the people who live there because of her destructive rhetoric.

The self-proclaimed pundit continues to talk about how Democratic policies destroyed inner cities yet managed to demonize every Black person who is murdered by a White person in America, by attempting to dig into these individual’s backgrounds to bring up their past and justify their deaths as if their lives are meaningless.

This mindset is destructive to Black communities and future goals of Black people joining the Republican party and conservative movement. If Democrat policies have destroyed Black and Latino communities as Candace has stated

on numerous occasions, then people who live in these communities are merely victims of said policies Candace has made millions of dollars talking about on her public platforms.

Candace Owens is NOT the only one. Her so-called organizations, “co-founder” Brandon Tatum, his wife Corrine Ta tum, RNC committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon and former congressional candidate Tamika Hamilton make habits of trashing other Black conservatives and Republicans on their social media platforms, which goes against President Ronald Reagan’s Republican commandments.

Corrinne is the front runner stirring the pot with versions of far right cancel culture by making it a point to slander and smear Black conservatives.

Harmeet spends time attacking Black conservatives and Republicans running in inner cities, like myself and Kim Klacik. Her actions are not becoming of the leadership responsibilities given to a person who holds the title of RNC committeewoman. Harmeet is a disgrace to the title to say the least.

Tamika Hamilton fancies herself a “Candace wanna be” and is adding fuel to fires of division with constant attacks on other Black conservatives and Republicans who have gained more success in their campaigns than she has.

Brandon Tatum - Candace Owens (YouTube)And Candace and Brandon have yet to host any inner-city Blexit events or attempt to personally engage with anyone who lives in an inner city, which is why most inner cities do not and will not associate with said organization. If their talking points are so strong, why don’t they visit inner cities and engage with the people they make money off by calling criminals every day?

Maybe we should look into Blexit’s finances and see what’s hiding in their IRS documents.

The closest Owens has gotten to being near an inner city is when she was a panelist on a Revolt TV summit and when she used the NAACP to sue her school because she felt she was being discriminated against by a few White students.

The closest Tatum has come to engaging with anyone in an inner city was an embarrassing World Star Hip Hop viral video that went viral in the black community. This video shows former four year officer Tatum on camera once again degrading every black person who disagrees with his positions on black people being killed by a White person and accusing them of being a criminal because of their past and spouting a barrage of insultsfor not being able to maintain his cool while being called out for his ignorance.

Owens and Tatum are beyond bad for the black conservative and Republican movement. Candace Owens, Brandon Tatum, Corrine Tatum, Harmeet Dhillon and Tamika Hamilton and a few others fail to respect perspective and accept the fact their half-truth are not accurate.

It’s time to unite our party with respect to one’s differences and expel those that refuse. Black Republicans will not be subjected to rules of others. We will stand up and fight back. We will also work to de-platformed those who fail to give the same respect they would like. This is America and our freedom of thought, expression, speech, and religion are not predicated on another opinion.

The time for bashing republicans and conservative from the inner cities is over. We will attack back.

For those of you who continue to echo the sentiment of not supporting candidates who run in the inner cities, I say to you, remember where the 2020 elections had the most questionable activity.

We cannot, we must not, we will not give up on the inner cities of our communities. We must engage, we must  fight, we must continue to do the work until we flip these districts, restoring opportunity for all who live there.

Joe Collins
Joe Collins

Joe Collins (Republican Party) is running for election to the U.S. House to represent California’s 43rd Congressional District. Collins declared candidacy for the Republican primary in 2022. –



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