Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Candace Owens and Kimberly Klacik Are Sparring Over Who is the Biggest Grifter
Candace Owens and Kimberly Klacik

*Some might call Candace Owens and Kimberly Klacik two of the most high-profile Black bootlicks for white supremacy. Others consider them conservative activists — either way, both women are currently feuding, with Owens claiming she’s about to drop some bombshell information about Klacik that will “blow your minds.”

Their beef reportedly began after Owens said Dr. Anthony Fauci should go to prison. She also mocked Naomi Osaka’s mental health struggles and recently slammed Biden’s decision to make Juneteenth a holiday. 

“Juneteenth is soooo lame. Democrats really need to stop trying to repackage segregation. I’ll be celebrating July 4th and July 4th only. I’m American,” Owens tweeted. 

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Klacik, a former Republican nominee for Maryland’s 7th Congressional District, quote-tweeted a post from Owens that said: “Sometimes I wonder when (if ever) Black America will wake up to the psychological warfare and perpetual brainwash to believe everything is racist.”

Klacik wrote in reply to the tweet: “Believe it or not, many in ‘Black America’ are very aware the fight is classism rather racism. Unfortunately, the loudest mouths with the largest platforms represent the majority. This might come to a shock to you because of your lack of engagement with black people.”

Klacik deleted the post as she “decided I will just prove it rather talking about it on Twitter.”

Here’s more from MSN:

Klacik claimed that she had been invited on Owens’ Daily Wire program, but said that she refused as “the show can be edited because it is streamed online,” and added that “she doesn’t normally let people profit off of a conservation with her,” according to Barrett Sports Media in a report that said “it is not entirely clear what the two are feuding about.”

She later posted a message on Instagram, where she said that Owens is “against cancel culture, but spends all of her time cancelling people” and added: “It was very sad watching her attempt to cancel tennis player, Naomi Osaka. No one should be bullied for having anxiety talking to the press. This drama isn’t worth any more attention. There are candidates running for office that deserve all of my attention.”

On Monday, Owens slammed Klacik for disabling comments on her posts.

“LOL to you, disabling comments on your last post,” Owens wrote. “You are such a fake and hilarious person to keep trying to denigrate the Dailywire as a ‘computer show.’

“Computer shows—meaning, digital, podcasts, youtubers, etc.—have a larger reach than cable news, which I also go onto. Again, you are doing nothing here but exposing yourself.”

Owens then teased that she’s going to share some “incredible” information about Klacik on her show on Tuesday. She claims she asked Klacik “questions about it and her response was to block me, so you are going to see a lot out of her” and added that “every time somebody attacks me and makes an accusation, they are the ones with the most to hide.”

Klacik responded, writing: “Imagine spending your entire day trying to call everyone I know in Baltimore in hopes of getting dirt on me?

“Then expecting them not to tell me? Here I was thinking it was over lol. I feel bad for the @realdailywire. This is like an episode of the Reduced Priced Housewives. Yikes.”

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