Saturday, July 31, 2021

Executive Chef Liz Rogers Launches First Black-Owned Ice Cream Brand, ‘Creamalicious’
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*Executive Chef Liz Rogers has launched her own ice cream brand called Creamalicious, making hers the only Black-owned ice cream company in mass production.

As noted on the website, “Creamalicious Ice Cream southern favorites like peach cobbler and sweet potato pie will transport you to a dreamier place, with a slower pace. Just grab your spoon to take the sojourn to where you always wanted to go but never knew how to find. Until now. Welcome home.”

Per MadameNoire, the seven flavors include Grandma Gigi’s Sweet Potato Pie, Aunt Poonie’s Caramel Pound Cake, Right As Rain Red Velvet Cheesecake, Uncle Charles’ Brown Suga Bourbon Cake, Thick As Thieves Pecan Pie,  Slap Yo Mama Banana Pudding and Porch Light Peach Cobbler.

“It’s an artisan ice cream from a culinary standpoint,” Rogers told MadameNoire. “We don’t want to have an imitation of what’s on the shelves.”

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via Twitter

Some of the flavors are named after Rogers’ family members with recipes rooted in Black culture. 

“The desserts have history that people don’t know about, like the red velvet cake,” Rogers said. “It was considered the celebration cake when African Americans got their freedom back. You have the white cake which is a white southern cake that was considered a peace offering. Each flavor has a story.”

According to the report, Creamalicious ice creams are available for nationwide delivery and in select Walmart’s, Meijer, Schnucks and Jungle Jim’s. Select Target stores will also stock the sweet treat in the fall of 2021. Each pint costs $5.68 to $5.99.

“It can be political sometimes,” she said about the challenges of raising money for Black-owned businesses. “I don’t think the capital is there. It is very very hard for us to get the proper people to invest in us and to visualize the dream. I think when you are looking for investors and you are a minority business like myself, investors are reluctant because they know the difficulty you’ll have getting into the stores. They don’t want to take a chance on us. We have to go out here and create our own opportunities. If you get told no, you keep knocking until they say yes.”

Order your Creamalicious pints here.

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