Thursday, September 29, 2022

Don’t Miss Bresha Webb’s New Series ‘Run The World’ with Jay Walker (Watch)

Run the World
Starz ‘Run the World’

*Who runs the world? Girls! Women! And the Starz network knows this.

Their new series “Run The World” by writer-creator Leigh Davenport and showrunner Yvette Lee Bowser (“Living Single”) premieres this week.

The show centers around the friendship of four women in their 30s, trying to balance life and the journey into true adulthood. The phase after the carefree college party days, the phase where you start asking – what’s next?  

One of the show’s main characters Renee, played by the hilarious Bresha Webb, finds herself at a crossroads in her marriage. Renee has an established career and is ready to take over the world but questions if her and her husband are on the same page. As she is dealing with her own relationship problems, she’s also the friend who still has the capacity to be there for her girls and their drama. Renee is the tell it like it is friend. You know, the one you go to for a voice of reason and the one you avoid for that same reason. Let’s be real, we’re not always ready to face the truth about ourselves.  

We spoke with Webb about the role of her character.

“Having a voice of reason and just having strong personalities and strong women in your friendship tribe is important, because it keeps you on the path of being authentically who you are,” shared Webb.

Run the World
Starz ‘Run the World’

Even though “Run The World’s” focus is the women, the men aren’t neglected. We also spoke with Jay Walker, who plays Webb’s husband Jason. He spoke about the importance of seeing men come together to talk about their issues and relationship drama.

“Having strong male friends that will be honest with you and you can actually have deep emotional conversations, without having this barrier of manhood…It’s so important to see that,” shared Walker.  

Run the World
Starz ‘Run the World’

So ladies grab your boo and have him watch this show with you, he’ll enjoy it as well!

“Run The World” starts on Starz on May 16.




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