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Multi-hyphenate Demetre Durham Takes Hollywood! – WATCH

*While the Covid-19 pandemic certainly slowed things down all around the globe, there are some people who have continued moving forward despite their circumstances. Demetre Durham is proof of that and EURweb Correspondent, Jaimi Gray had the chance to speak with him about his latest projects and business endeavors. 

Demetre Durham was born in New York City and raised in Nashville, Tennessee where he also went to college at Middle Tennessee State University studying  Mass Communications in Digital Animation and dance. Soon after college, Durham moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career in entertainment.

Taking a leap of faith to pursue your career comes with its trials and tribulations. When asked about his process to move across the country, he responded:

“It definitely wasn’t easy. My parents were even nervous too, but you have to believe in yourself because nobody else is going to do it unless you do it first.” 

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Demetre Durham
Demetre Durham

Durham is a man of many talents: actor, cartoonist, dancer, entrepreneur, and influencer. With a plethora of talents, one may question if it is really possible to “do it all.” During the interview, he talked about how he is able to juggle his passions along with his business ventures all at the same time.

“I’ve heard that so many times from my peers and my parents who told me I should just focus on one thing,” he said. “I feel like if you’re good at multiple things and you enjoy doing them, why not just do it? I think just finding an avenue where you can weave all of your talents together and make it work is what will help you.”

Demetre has been able to do just that, not only with his own businesses but with other notable brands as well.

At first glance, Durham has a look that truly stands out and he’s been able to use it to his advantage. He sports an afro of luscious curls and has also caught the eye of major brands such as TPH by Taraji P. Henson,  Afro Sheen, Pantene Beauty, Crown Paint, and many more! How does someone get noticed and partner with major brands? He explained:

“I take a lot of pictures on social media, and when the first brand found me, it seemed like multiple brands started coming in and sending me products to try out or they wanted to pay me and feature me on their platforms, so I love it.”

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Demetre Durham
Demetre Durham

In the midst of a pandemic, Durham has also been able to start two businesses: ItsPinMagic and Good Food Gurus. ItsPinMagic was the perfect avenue for Demetre to combine his artistry and fashion sense into entrepreneurship and help consumers express themselves in different ways.

“People would always take notice of the pins I would wear on my denim jackets and wanted to know where I got them,” Durham confided to EURweb. “Once I told them that I made these pins, I wanted to create more and see how they did on the market, and people actually bought them!”

ItsPinMagic has a pin to fit your personal style and is the perfect accessory to add to your wardrobe and even support a great cause. Pins toward the Black Lives Matter movement and more can also be found on the ItsPinMagic shop on 

While acclimating to Los Angeles, Durham has been able to explore all that City of Dreams has to offer, including its reputation for the best food. This sparked another idea for Demetre alongside his co-founder Roberto Hannibal, to start a food blog called Good Food Gurus in the Summer of 2020, and its presence has grown ever since. For residents and tourists in Los Angeles looking for the best places to eat, Good Food Gurus checks out Los Angeles’ finest food and drink establishments for your convenience. “There’s a big market for ‘foodies’ out there,” he said, “which I kind of knew, but I didn’t realize how big it was.” Good Food Gurus has also given back to the community and raised money for charities during the holidays. They were able to raise around 800 dollars and were also able to pack over 200 bags filled with necessities and toiletries for the underserved communities. To learn more and support Good Food Gurus, please visit

He doesn’t stop there though—alongside his businesses and brand deals, he has also made a name for himself on stage and on screen. Throughout his dancing career, he has danced for major artists such as Keke Palmer and more. On-screen, Durham showcases his acting talents on notable projects such as HBO’s Insecure, Mama Mia, Dancers for Sale on Amazon Prime, and more! Demetre’s journey is so inspiring, and his interview will surely encourage those on their journey, to pursue their own dreams. 

To learn more about Demetre’s future projects, visit​



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