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The Pulse of Entertainment: Garwin and Fatman’s Instruments of Musick Releases ‘Determination’ EP

Brothers Garvin and Fatman’s band Instruments of Musick releases ‘Determination” EP.

*“We both play by ear. We don’t read notes,” said Garwin McKinney about his ability to play the lead guitar and his brother Gary aka Fatman’s ability to play the pedal-steel guitar. The brothers’ band, Instruments of Musick, just released an EP titled “Determination” and is currently promoting its second single “Country Gospel,” which is accompanied by a music video. “My brother and I did a little demo and it turned out to be a six song EP.”

The Detroit natives’ EP includes vocal support from three of their sisters and Fatman’s wife. The Gospel duo is taking their musical ministry from the Church to bringing it to the streets where God’s Word is badly needed.

“The steel guitar is mostly used by Country Western,” said Fatman when I asked how he gravitated towards playing such an unusual instrument. “My church has been using it for years. I mainly learned to play it in church. My uncle played it and I started learning it at 12.”

“Yes, I picked it up in church,” said Garwin about his ability to play the lead guitar. “My cousin played it so I started as a young buck at 15.”

I told the brothers I saw one of their video performance that include their sister on Youtube and told them to tell her she has such a beautiful voice, Garvin added proudly, “She’s been singing for a while.”

“We got artists featured on the EP,” Fatman said about the EP. “Three girls (vocalists), my wife (Candis) and three of our sisters do vocals.”

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Instruments of Musick recorded a studio project in 2015 titled “You Been Waiting,” which resulted in five years full of gigs, listening parties and live video-tapped performances. On June 12, 2020 the band released the “Determination” EP, which was accompanied by the first single “Give It To You,” and the current single “Country Gospel.”

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