Monday, November 29, 2021

Gerard Butler vs A Planet-Destroying Comet In ‘Greenland’ (Watch)

*What would your family do if a planet-destroying comet was racing towards Earth?

“Greenland” follows Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin as they fight for survival in the STX Films’ releasing tomorrow on video-on-demand.

EUR correspondent Fahnia Thomas chatted with the stars about fruit, rooftop parties and March 2020.

FT: What would you put in your emergency disaster survival kit?

MB: Chocolate, alcohol and a good book.

GB: A face mask and sanitizer! And a banana you need food. Plus, it’s healthy and has potassium.

‘Greenland’ (2020)

FT: If a comet was racing to Earth, would you hunker down, fight, or go to a rooftop party and celebrate life?

MB: I would go down fighting.

GB: It depends. Do we have the opportunity to go to a safe haven? Is there something to aim for…I would do that. Otherwise, I don’t even know if I would hunker down. I’ve thought about this a lot. When you’re in nature you understand everything. I imagine going out into nature and accepting it. When you’re in nature you understand everything. Whatever will be, will be.

MB: That’s not me.

GB: I’m not saying when the clouds are coming, I wouldn’t be going, ‘Ahhhh, it’s coming, look at the speed of it!’

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Gerard Butler, Morena Baccarin, and Roger Dale Floyd in ‘Greenland’ (2020)

FT: What was it like filming “Greenland” before March 2020 and Covid-19?

GB: It was a great experience other than the opening scenes. We carefully crafted…to get this complex family dynamic that serves you for the whole movie. The rest of it – we were just thrown in there because we didn’t know what was going on. We didn’t do a lot of rehearsal. It was all instinctive. Truthful and in the moment.

MB: Now when I think about those really massive crowd scenes – we were in the middle of it all – it gives me a little bit of anxiety. The idea of being around so many people without masks on seems like such a foreign concept.

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