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Don’t Miss Netflix’s ‘The Midnight Sky’ (Watch)

The Midnight Sky
THE MIDNIGHT SKY (2020) Demian Bichir as Sanchez and Tiffany Boone as Maya. Cr. Philippe Antonello/NETFLIX

*On December 23 follow Tiffany Boone, Demián Bichir and Kyle Chandler on a space adventure in “The Midnight Sky.”

EUR correspondent Fahnia Thomas talked to the trio about thermostats, River Thames and tendencies.

FT: What’s your carbon footprint pet peeve?

TB: Littering gets up and under my skin. If I see anyone throw something out of a car or on the ground, it gets under my skin. I can’t stand it.

DB: [Running the water] drives me nuts! I’ve turned off the faucet for another guy at the gym. They’re shaving or whatever and the water is running – you shouldn’t do that. I try to be wise in my own home. I always use a bucket if it’s going to take a long time for the water to get hot. Water is crucial.

KC: The thermostat in the house. I can’t imagine how anyone can have it so cold in the summer or so hot in the winter. I try to control it the best I can.

FT: What kind of advice or directorial note did George Clooney give to you?

TB: Career advice – He said to start producing now! Start a production company now. Do it now. Do not wait. Get to it while you’re at this age. He said, he wished he started one even sooner. I haven’t taken that advice yet, but I will!

DB: [Being able to] watch the guy in action – how he goes easily through life, that’s probably the key for greatness. He’s so down-to-earth and he doesn’t forget the importance of having fun.

KC: Many times throughout the shoot he would get rather close to me – I think to not embarrass me and he would say, ‘act better!’ [Jokingly].

The Midnight Sky
THE MIDNIGHT SKY (2020) Producer Grant Heslov, Felicity Jones, Tiffany Boone and Director ans star George Clooney on the set of The Midnight Sky. / Cr. Philippe Antonello/NETFLIX

FT: What was it like on location, the set or behind the scenes?

KC: I had a great time. I had never spent time in London like that before. I hit up all the trains and museums. I got into a routine of running a couple miles every single day along the River Thames. It was awesome! It’s a great city. I can’t wait to go back!

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