Tuesday, July 5, 2022

THE REAL: Killer Mike’s Optimism About the Georgia Runoff Election, Jesse Williams on Fighting for Social Justice Locally

Killer Mike & Jesse Williams (the real)

*On Friday, Nov. 20, The Real welcomes rapper and political activist Michael “Killer Mike” Render and actor and activist Jesse Williams who share the details of their newest venture– Greenwood, a banking platform that will address the unique needs of Black and Latinx communities – and talk politics. Atlanta native, Killer Mike also discusses the upcoming Georgia runoff elections stating, “It’s not over” for the Progressive Democrats! Then, Jesse suggests that the key to maintaining the fight for social justice is by getting involved in and/or monitoring local politics.

Also, the ladies welcome back guest co-host Eboni K. Williams as they compare notes on how to tell their men that their wardrobe choices are not the greatest. Co-host Adrienne Houghton unhappily mentions the pair of Crocs her husband Israel has fallen in love with and co-host Loni Love playfully shares a mishap her boyfriend James had when purchasing a pair of glasses without consulting with her first.

“Killer Mike” Render on the Georgia Runoff Elections: “It’s not over!”

Jesse Williams on the Keeping Fight for Social Justice: “Local Politics Matter!”

How Do You Let Your Man Know You’re Not Okay With His Wardrobe?

“Killer Mike” Render on the Georgia Runoff Elections: “It’s not over!”

Michael “Killer Mike” Render: I’m proud to be an Atlantan and I’m proud to be a Georgian and I’m proud to be a Progressive right now. As I’ve just given a nod to formerly Mayor Ted, now Commissioner Ted (Terry) out in DeKalb County. We got a real Bernie-crat, a real progressive here. We also have a more progressive democrat in Fani Willis (District Attorney of the Atlanta Judicial Circuit) and I’m on her transition team. I want to tell people, it is not over. My 18 year old son voted for the first time this year…

Garcelle Beauvais: That’s right.

Michael: … and then he had to learn about, well, runoffs. So, now we’re gonna go back and get a chance to vote again in January. We have two candidates that, I feel, are very important on the ground. That’s Raphael Warnock, who’s currently a minister at Ebenezer Baptist Church. For people who say that clergymen don’t– can’t make good politicians, Adam Clayton Powell and Andrew Young. Both, huge influences on my life. Andrew Young, directly, is a clergyman. And these people bring the heart and soul to politics, on that floor, a lot of times when there’s just business and law. There needs to be more representation for the people. The other person, a young progressive, who I like a lot within the Democratic Party– he was already following me on Instagram– his name is Jon Ossoff.

Eboni K. Williams: Yes! I love him!

(Garcelle claps)

Michael: He’s been back by Andrew Young and other people. Jon is an amazing guy. Jon is someone who I think can help progress Georgia. He and Warnock, both. Jon is someone who, like I said, is already following me. So, I know he’s used to seeing all the wild and zany stuff I do, which means he’s really in-line with the Progressive Party. I really like him a lot and I want to drive the numbers out. We got to get out in January and vote.


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