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THE REAL: Garcelle Wants Equality for Black Women! Plus, Romeo Miller & DeRay Davis Stop By!

DeRay Davis (the real)

*On Tuesday, October 20, the ladies discuss the challenges of being a Black woman in today’s society.

Co-host Garcelle Beauvais explains how every day is a fight and that she just wants equality! Co-host Loni Love gives examples of how she and her Black sisters are treated differently from others, but has hope that change is coming.

In 2020, is taking a man’s last name an antiquated tradition? Garcelle confesses that changing to her ex-husband’s name is one of the biggest regrets that she has from her previous marriage. Co-host Adrienne Houghton describes the many steps that she had to take to change her name after marrying her husband Israel.

And, Adrienne gives an update on her journey to motherhood and the reasons for putting off her lifelong dream for as long as she did.

Then, Zonnique and Romeo Miller stop by to talk about their new talk show The Mix and the importance of the younger Black generation getting their voices heard during this time of social unrest. Also, Romeo confesses that it took a pandemic to get father and him to do something together that we all do every day – watch TV!

Also, the ladies welcome DeRay Davis to the show to chat about his series Snowfall, the status of his polyamorous relationship, and what it has been like performing at comedy clubs after being in COVID-19 quarantine for so long.

Garcelle: Black Women Are Just Looking For Equality

The Latest in Adrienne’s Journey to Become a Mother

It Took A Pandemic to Get Romeo and Master P To Finally Do This One Thing Together!

DeRay Davis on Performing Stand-Up Comedy Post Quarantine

Garcelle: Black Women Are Just Looking For Equality

Garcelle Beauvais: Every day is a fight. I posted something on my Instagram the other day that, “My skin is not a crime.” Like, I don’t understand why they hate us so much. At first it was like, “intimidating”, because we know– you know–  We got we’re “triple threats”, “quadruple threats”, all of it, right? But I really– after a while, it’s like, “Give us a chance!”  Why do I have to work 110 times harder just to be seen… just to be heard? And, after a while, it really gets to you. And it’s hard to explain– as a mom, it’s hard to explain to my kids! But, I feel that we always have to fight harder. We always have to, you know just… try harder and keep saying, “Look at me! Look at me! See me! Value me! Accept me!” And, after a while, you know, you just want to be accepted for your credentials… for what you do!


Garcelle: We are not asking to be treated more special or differently. We just want equality. Whether it’s in payment. Whether it’s in promotions. Whether it’s, you know, job opportunities. We’re not asking for you to give us a handout. Just give us what we earn and what we — what we deserve.

Loni Love: And I think things are happening. You’re so correct. We’re asking for equality and we’re asking for equity… and equity more so, you know, especially as Black people. When we, you know– I think people don’t realize the financial disparities. It’s not just the health disparities, but financially, too. It’s like, um, the way we’re charged on our charge cards… a lot more than the other races. It’s a lot of things going on.

Adrienne Houghton: Systemic issues!

Loni: But, I wanna say that we are making some progress. Yes, it’s systemic…

Garcelle: We are.

Adrienne: It’s systemic!

Loni: (Stutters and giggles) Systemic racism. But, if you are feeling exhausted, take a break! I wanna say that. It’s okay to turn off the news sometime. It’s okay to spend time with your family. Read a book. Do something, um, you know, for yourself and take a break. It’s okay to take a break and come back. But, you’re always gonna be Black… and, that’s the way it is.



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