Monday, March 1, 2021

Black Lives Matter Eye Opener for Admitted Businesswoman of White Privilege

Kelsey Kennedy
Kelsey Kennedy

*White privilege is defined as “inherent advantages possessed by a White person on the basis of their race in a society characterized by racial inequality and injustice.”

Kelsey Kennedy, founder of the small, woman-owned CBD brand, Blossom and Stone, acknowledges being a White woman who has enjoyed a privileged life.

Protests across the country over the senseless police murders of Black men and women in what has been called a racial reckoning in America has not gone unnoticed by Kennedy.

Born and raised in South Orange County, California she said her family never talked about race when she was growing up.

“These last few months have been an eye-opening experience for me. While I always knew of my white privilege on a surface level, I don’t think I fully understood the depths of it until this year. While I can’t erase it, I can try and use it to help showcase and promote voices, perspectives, and opinions that are different from my own. Witnessing so many of my former favorite brands have their true colors exposed as a consequence of the Black Lives Matter movement, I knew that I wanted Blossom & Stone to be better from the start,” Kennedy told

Her Los Angeles based company launched in Spring 2020 is looking to diversify their point of view by welcoming BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color) and LGBTQ+ writers, photographers, and content creators onto the Blossom and Stone team with a 6-month program.

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She says their effort is “designed to support & amplify the voices of content creators with under 20k followers.” All content will always be credited. They will be selecting two to five participants by October 15. Find more information at

The genesis of Blossom and Stone started when in 2017 her fitness business “hit a rough spot.” She said she was not feeling connected to herself and a friend suggested she smoke some weed to feel better.

“Personally, I get really really high. I know plenty of people who can function (when high) but I’m not one of them,” Kennedy, an astrology addict with a strong belief in the power of plants, said.

But it was a conversation with another friend who asked whether she’d tried CBD that would give her the idea that planted the seed for her wellness brand business.

“CBD made me feel way more calm and grounding me,” she said about CBD, an abbreviation of cannabidiol the major component of medical marijuana. “Once I started getting deeper into it and realized it could be used topically, I have a lot of friends who use it for back pain and whose parents use it for arthritis.”

This is not Blossom & Stone’s first time amplifying BIPOC voices. In June, they highlighted Black-owned CBD and Beauty Brands while still in the first few months of launching their business.

Kennedy, married since January 2020, has been in the world of fitness and wellness for more than 10 years.

By Tené Croom



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