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‘Antebellum’ Stars Gabourey Sidibe & Lily Cowle Discuss Race and White Allies

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*”Antebellum,” the new film from Lionsgate is a mind-bending, psychological thriller that takes you from slavery plantations to modern day… or does it?

It stars Janelle Monae as Veronica Henley, a successful author, wife and mother who becomes trapped in a terrifying reality.

Also starring is Kiersey Clemmons, Tongayi Chirisa, Gabourey Sidibe, Lily Cowle, Jena Malone and Jack Huston as Elizabeth and Captain Jasper, a mysterious stranger who enters Veronica’s world and a vicious confederate soldier.

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The feature is the debut of writer-director duo Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz. The concept was conceived after Bush had a nightmare and shared it with Renz.

EURweb’s Jill Munroe had a conversation with stars and creators of the film about their first expectations when receiving the script and what type of conversations the white cast is having with their friends, around Black social justice topics.

Lily Cowle who portrays Sarah says, “Right now we’re in a serious moral reckoning. And I think a lot of the dialogs on my end – and I hope a lot of people are having this conversation – how did we get here? What is it that I don’t know, that I need to learn, in order to right the wrongs that have been built into this country? And how can I do that, how can I lend myself to be an ally, as a fellow citizen and human being?”

Gabourey Sidibe is Bridget, Veronica and Sarah’s good friend, who is also a relationship expert. In the film, the trio’s night out ends in terror. She added:

“Race being a problem is nothing new to us. It’s not new to my mother, or her mother. It’s an old, old problem. Honestly at this point, it’s much more important that Lilly gets it in a way. What Lilly represents in the film in Sarah is so important because we’re not going to be able to get justice, we’re not going to be able to cure racism or move forward freely without white allies. We can scream until we’re blue in the face that Black lives matter, but as long as it’s our face saying it, they are always going to hear that your life doesn’t matter. That white lives don’t matter. That was never what we’re saying. What we need is white people saying Black lives matter.”

Antebellum - Gabourey Sidibe Janelle Monae Lily Cowle
Antebellum stars Gabourey Sidibe, Janelle Monae and Lily Cowle

“Antebellum” will be available on demand beginning September 18.



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