Monday, January 25, 2021

Gabrielle Union Celebrates Sexually Fluid Character In ‘L.A.’s Finest’ (Watch)

(This interview was taped earlier this year)

*“L.A.’s Finest” season two has now premiered!

The one-hour crime drama follows LAPD detectives Syd Burnett (Gabrielle Union) and Nancy McKenna (Jessica Alba) who take on the most dangerous criminals while skirting the rules and speed limits.

EUR correspondent Fahnia Thomas talked to the executive producing leading ladies about love scenes and pandemic parole.

L.A.'s Finest, Jessica Alba, Gabrielle Union
Jessica Alba as Nancy McKenna and Gabrielle Union as Syd Burnett in a scene from ‘L.A.’s Finest’ (Photo: Michael Moriatis)

Q: Special Agent Sydney “Syd” Burnett has a new love interest this season, what can you share about Syd and Jason Calloway’s (played by David Fumero) relationship?

Gabrielle Union: I get it crack’in! It’s awesome that Syd is fluid and sexually free. She’s not limited. I feel like it’s a little wish fulfillment for a lot of folks. It’s a good time!

David Fumero, Gabrielle Union, la's finest
Gabrielle Union as Special Agent Syd Burnett and David Fumero as Lt. Jason Calloway in a scene from ‘L.A.’s Finest’ (Sony Pictures Television)

Q: Where are some of LA’s finest places you’re going to first after we get paroled from this pandemic?

GU: I can’t wait to get back into Casa Vega and see the people who [have been working there since] my first audition! When I would tank [an audition, I would] go in there and be like, ‘I screwed up! I’m never going to make it [as an actress]!’ Then they would be like, ‘stick with it!’ And then give me a nice heavy poor or a little extra Margarita. [I’m just looking forward to] seeing people and faces.

L.A.'s Finest
Jessica Alba as Nancy McKenna and Gabrielle Union as Syd Burnett in a scene from ‘L.A.’s Finest’ (Photo: Michael Moriatis)

Q: How was filming season one different from season two?

GU: We hit the ground running. We jump right into new mysteries. We go right into our characters’ new journeys. We get right to the fun and action.

Jessica Alba: It’s so fun to explore other characters and get right into the action. Were cracking jokes! There’s drama! The stakes are higher right away. As everyone is binging the news, things can feel really dire, everything’s up in the air so it’s nice to shut that off and be just be entertained for a moment.

Season 2 of “LA’s Finest” is available to Spectrum subscribers as of September 9th, followed by its network broadcast premiere of season one on FOX, September 21.

For more details follow @lasfinesttv or click here



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