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Do You Want to Know How to Marry into Millions? An EURweb Exclusive on ‘Marrying Millions’ / WATCH

Marrying Millions
Rodney/Desiry (lower right) and the cast of ‘Marrying Millions’

*”Marrying Millions” is back on Lifetime, for Season 2, and there are a few new couples mingling in the millionaire mix.

Insert Rodney Foster, who made his millions in the wine industry. Rodney is the founder of Edelheiss Wine, and often shares with viewers that he is worth “$5 million and growing.” In addition to his millions of dollars, Rodney says he owns a townhouse in one of Washington, D.C.’s most expensive neighborhoods and he has recently also purchased a Lake House in Maryland.

Insert Desiry, Rodney’s long term girlfriend.  Desiry works for a non-profit, in Los Angeles, and has little to no money, yet the two say they’re madly in love with each other.  However, they live on opposite coasts and neither is willing to move to be with one another.  Desiry insists she cannot leave Los Angeles because her non profit is close to her heart and the veterans that she helps, rely on her.  Her father was a vet and she created this non-profit in his honor.

Another interesting factor that plays a big part in their relationship is the fact that the relationship is a SECRET!!!  None of Rodney’s friends nor family know anything about it. They have been in this relationship for two years and Rodney does not want to go public with their love! Instead, Desiry says in lieu of a public relationship and living together,  “He pays my rent, he pays my bills, we go on trips and we go on shopping sprees.”

EURweb sat down with Rodney and Desiry for an exclusive interview to get down to the bottom of their relationship.  Not only did we find out that these two have an interesting relationship, Desiry has a strong faith center, not believing in living together before marriage, nor pre marital sex, but she also has strong ties to her community.  Rodney on the other hand, is absolutely fine with how their relationship has been going and has no immediate plans to change anything about their “arrangement”.  Desiry wants to get married, or at the very least, have a “public engagement” and Rodney, well, Rodney is kind of just sitting on the fence about it all!

Both Rodney and Desiry have been thrown into the spotlight, as the show premiered earlier this month.  There are many fan questions and concerns about this relationship and they are not shy to address them all over social media.

Check out our exclusive interview below and sound off in the comments if anything…stands out to you about this couple!?

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You can catch Marrying Millions Wednesdays at 10pm EST on Lifetime 




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