Monday, September 20, 2021

‘Sacramento Karen’ Called A Sacramento Sista the N-word / WATCH What Happened

*Welp! We’ve got yet ANOTHER Karen to tell you about. She’s been dubbed “Sacramento Karen” ’cause that’s where she was spotted getting into it with a Black woman who rewarded her with a big ol’ knuckle sandwich.

Yeah, homegurl got the crap beat out of her for being dumb enough to accept the challenge from the Black woman (“Sacramento Sista“) to call her the n-word one mo’ time to her face.

And in the words of Howard Cosell: “Down goes Karen! Down Goes Karen!”

You can watch it, err, Karen go down, above.

The situation happened earlier this week at a convenience store in Sactown, the California capital city, where a middle-aged white woman started arguing with the Black woman … and it quickly turned racial and violent.

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Sacramento Karen & Sacramento Sista1

Here’s more via TMZ.

It’s unclear what started the confrontation … the white woman insisted she’d only said “excuse me” — but the black woman heard something different, so tempers were already high. Then, “Karen” dropped the n-word.

The black woman promised to beat the hell outta the white woman if she used the slur again and, for some reason, “Karen” took her up on the dare and said it … loud and clear. That’s when the punches flew … haymaker after haymaker putting the racist woman down on her ass.

OK, we’ve got more info. According to the Sacramento Sheriff’s Dept. … deputies responded to a call of 2 females fighting at a 7-Eleven on June 22. However, when they arrived, the “Karen” was being treated by medical workers for minor injuries, but the other woman was ghost.

The injured woman told deputies it was a mutual fight and took responsibility for her part in it … and said she didn’t want to file a complaint. But the next day, however, she reached out to authorities to say she wanted to file a report.  So far, according to the Sheriff’s office, no suspect has been identified, charged or arrested … despite the Black woman’s husband claiming on social media she was arrested for assault.

Interesting. If we find out any more, we’ll let you know.




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