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Gospel’s Legendary Clark Sisters Celebrate New Year, New Music, and New Movie – VIDEO



Clark Sisters & Snoop Dogg - GettyImages
Clark Sisters (black outfits - getty)

Clark Sisters (Getty)

*It’s been 47 years since The Clark Sisters, who were barely teenagers, released their first gospel album titled “Jesus Has a Lot to Give.”  Since the classic recording, The Clark Sisters have had much to give the world through their epic gospel songwriting, singing, recordings and live performances.

With a huge portfolio of songs recorded over the last six decades, some of the group’s biggest gospel hits have included “He Gave Me Nothing to Lose,” “Name it Claim it,” “Hallelujah,” “You Brought The Sunshine,” “Ha Ya,” “Expect Your Miracle,” “Blessed & Highly Favored,”  “Is My Living in Vain?” and more.

Now, just weeks into the New Year, The Clark Sisters, the best-selling female gospel group ever, are ecstatic about dropping new music and starring in a new made-for-television movie.

The recording, the group’s 20th album (which, as of this posting, is still un-named), features the vocal offerings of four of the five Clark sisters:  Jacky Clark-Chisholm, Elbernita “Twinkie” Clark, Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole, and Karen Clark-Sheard.

“We are really excited about this new album in our lives,” said Clark-Cole.  “It always gives us such great excitement to know that after being here for over 40 years, God has allowed us and afforded us the opportunity to sustain, be relevant, and carry on the gospel legacy of our mother, the late, great Dr. Mattie Moss Clark.”


Clark-Cole said the album’s first released single, “Victory” carries a timely message, as it currently climbs major music charts for the three-time Grammy Award-winning gospel group.

“There are some devastating things that are happening in the world today,” explained Clark-Cole.  “So the only victory we have is through Jesus Christ.  In this song, we just want to sing out to people who are going through something that they will always have victory because God is the ultimate source of their strength and source of getting through life.”

Several major producers have attached their names and talents to the group’s new single and upcoming gospel album, to include Jermaine Dupri, Rodney Jerkins, Kirk Franklin, Warryn Campbell, Donald Lawrence, Kurt Carr, and Mano Haines.


Clark-Cole said The Clark Sisters are also extremely happy about the new made-for-television movie about the group, which debuts on Lifetime, Easter Sunday, April 12.   The movie’s title is “The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel.”  The biopic will chronicle the life and times of Dr. Mattie Moss Clark and all five Clark sisters, including Denise Clark-Bradford, who sang, recorded, and performed with her sisters until 1986.

“We are very happy about the movie,” Clark-Cole said.  “People have always wondered how it was growing up in the Clark house in Detroit, beginning in the 1960s.  Viewers will now see how it all started for us – from little girls singing at home and church – to where we are now.   The biopic shows our ups and downs, our triumphs and challenges.”

“Our story is so unique because we were raised in the church by a mother who was saved,” Jacky Clark-Chisholm, the oldest of the sisters, has said in numerous interviews.  “Because of her believes and our commitments, our mother told us to use our anointment to always sing together.”


When asked about the patented “Clark Sisters Sound,” Clark-Cole credits her mother, who was an international-renowned gospel songwriter, singer, pianist/organist, arranger and choral director.

“Our mother would get us up early in the morning, because God would place a song in her mind,” recalled Clark-Cole.   “Although there were tape recorders back in those days, our mother would rather give us our parts to sing and tell us to sing it again, sing it again, and sing it again.”

Gospel music historians and aficionados have described The Clark Sisters’ signature sound as high and complex acrobatic vocals trills, riffs, and growls, which emanates from the voicing, range and strength of each sister, to contribute and generate an uncanny three-part sweet, powerful, and unique harmony.  The group’s technique is widely used by today’s contemporary gospel ensembles.

The Clark Sisters, according to Clark-Cole, have other endeavors that they would like to pursue this year, such as performing overseas, including England, where the sisters are ultra-popular.  Each sister continues to minister the word of God on multiple audio and visual platforms, and have enjoyed solo recording projects and performances in the past.

Clark Sisters & Snoop Dogg - GettyImages

Clark Sisters & Snoop Dogg (Getty)

Collectively, Jacky, Twinkie, Dorinda and Karen, are all long-time members of Greater Emmanuel Institutional Church of God in Christ in Detroit, where Karen’s husband, J. Drew Sheard is bishop.  The sisters’ strong connection and membership, said Clark-Cole, to the same church in the city where they were born, raised and continue to live is a major reason for the group’s success and longevity.

“When you’re committed at home and God can trust you with home, He will allow you to expand,” said Clark-Cole.  “God gives us great territory, and He’s able to trust us to where we are about to go.   However, you have to have a spiritual base to continue to flourish.”

Clark Sisters - image awards nom poster

And before we close out our story on the Clark Sisters, we want to also congratulate them on their NAACP Image Awards nomination for “Victory.”

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Pastor Cal Keeps Love Alive on ‘Married at First Sight’ (EUR EXCLUSIVE!)




Pastor Cal - Calvin Roberson

eur mafs poster

*For 11 seasons, “Married at First Sight” (MAFS) has been the ultimate experiment in matchmaking as couples who have never met – complete strangers – tie the knot.

If you are not familiar with the popular Lifetime series, people looking for love are matched by relationship experts (Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Dr. Viviana Coles, and Pastor Calvin Roberson-known as Pastor Cal) and agree to tie the knot before meeting their mates.

The show follows the couples for a few weeks as they experience their first meeting at their weddings, their honeymoons, meeting each other’s families, and other milestone events all the while being counseled by the experts. At the end of each season, the couples are given the chance to continue in their marriage or get a divorce.

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eur CalvinRoberson_MAFS_S6

Pastor Calvin Roberson (Pastor Cal) is one of the experts matching couples on “Married at First Sight.” (Photo: Lifetime)

While some may question the show’s premise, the EUR spoke to Pastor Cal recently and he said the series is genuine.

“My job on the show is to get these couples, put them together, and make sure they stay together,” said Pastor Cal. “My goal is to look at their differences, see where they’re compatible, counsel them and in some cases, threaten them, to make it work. All the experts, our focus, is simply making sure the couples stay together.”

As for a method in which the couples are matched, he added, “There isn’t a solid formula we apply to every couple. It has to be tweaked as we find out people’s peculiarities. It can be nerve-wracking but it’s rewarding in the end.”

Like many MAFS seasons, there are surprising revelations and this one, featuring couples from New Orleans, is no exception.

“Season 11 has brought us so many surprises,” Pastor Cal said. “Even in casting, one of the couples we thought would get along much quicker is one of the ones lagging behind. And one couple we thought would move slower to intimacy are moving ahead. And that’s with Miles and Karen being the slower and Woody and Amani being the faster of the two.”

EUR MAFS-S11-Couples_Woodrow-Amani

Woody and Amani in current season (11) of “Married at First Sight.” (Photo: Lifetime)

He continued, “Also, by my own admission, I fall on the sword on this one, I was not expecting Bennett and Amelia to get along so well. I thought she would be put off more by his lack of profession. It was a big surprise to me.”

The next MAFS season will include Atlanta couples and after that the show heads to Houston, which is casting now. Pastor Cal told the EUR that the show adapts to the couples from each city.

“I believe that every city we film in brings a certain flavor and the participants from that city take on the flavor from that city,” Pastor Cal said. “New Orleans is laid-back, they party, and it’s a very fun city as opposed to a city like D.C. that is very political, buttoned up, and tight. But definitely we found that every city influences the participants. We definitely see different personalities coming out of each city.”

MAFS Houston Flyer

Speaking of Atlanta, Pastor Cal is the lead pastor at Progression church in the peach city. He and his wife Wendy have a marriage coaching organization that offers marriage and relationship conferences, boot camps, and seminars worldwide.

While COVID-19 may have slowed down the in-person events, that has not stopped people from contacting Pastor Cal for love connections, “Because of COVID, we’re online. I get more people through DM’s, email, etc. asking me to match them.”

And how does the church feel about the show?

“My church actually loves it.” Pastor Cal said. “They are so supportive and such an incredible group of people. They tell people about the show. Our church was actually founded on relationships, so it was an easy fit. Our church was founded on positive marriage and positive family.”

Look out for Pastor Cal’s book, “Marriage Ain’t for Punks,” slated to come out next year.

If you are interested in being on “Married at First Sight” and live in Houston, click here to apply.

For more information on MAFS’ current season, click here.


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Nigerian Bread Seller Lands Modeling Contract After Photobombing Rapper’s Shoot



Olajumoke Orisaguna

*27-year-old former bread seller Olajumoke Orisaguna captured the world’s attention a few years ago when a photo of her carrying a massive bag of bread loafs ontop of her head went viral.

She was discovered on the streets of the city of Lagos by international photographer Ty Bello, who was shooting with English rapper Tinie Tempah. Unintentionally, Orisaguna came out in one of the images.

Days later, Bello shared pictures from that shoot on his social media but with interest of finding out who the bread seller was in the photo.

“WHO IS SHE? Everyone has been asking if this lady is a model… She definitely SHOULD be a model… I’ll find a way to track her down somehow. You guys can also help,“ the photographer captioned the post.

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As PEOPLE notes, from that moment on, her life changed forever. In less than a year, Orisaguna managed to sign contracts with recognized agencies. Earlier this year, she wrapped up her tour of South Africa and she also launched a vlog and reality show.

“I never expected this would ever happen to me,” she told CNN. “My friends have told me they saw me on the TV and they are really happy. My parents cannot believe their own child can become such a success.”

In March, she celebrated the one year anniversary of her discovery. In an exclusive interview with Pulse in January, Orisaguna spoke about the people who have been influential in her rise to fame. During the interview, she thanked Azuka Ogujuiba of ThisDay Newspaper, as she was instrumental in Olajumoke’s success story.

Orisaguna, who left her two children and husband to sell bread, is now being offered by a bank to pay for her kid’s education through college.

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‘Origin of Everything’ on PBS Sparks Interest with Controversial & Everyday Topics (EUR Exclusive!)




Origin of Everything

*“Origin of Everything,” available on, has been exploring topics since 2017 that run the gamut. The show jumps into a variety of subjects by investigating daily life like the words we use, pop culture, and why we are hooked on technology.

The show does not shy away from controversial topics such as slavery, race and ethnicity, and mass incarceration of African Americans.

Danielle Bainbridge, Ph.D., the host and lead writer of “Origin of Everything,” told the EUR in a recent interview that the series is about making people think beyond the restrictive ways we have been taught to view history.

“It’s a show about our collective story and how we are envisioning history,” Dr. Bainbridge said. ”How do we think about history that includes all of us and just not the figures and facts that we were taught in school. So, it’s a show about under told and underrepresented history. We’re trying to make history feel very present to the people who watch it.”

She continued, “One of the reasons to watch it is if you’re curious about how did we get to our current moment? How do small things such as why do we eat popcorn at the movies or what is the origin of ethnicity and how do these things still impact the way we think about the world?”

DOIN’ GOOD IN THA HOOD: Michael B. Jordan Partners with LyftUp to Provide Free Rides to Underserved Communities

EUR PBS Danielle Bainbridge

Dr. Danielle Bainbridge, host of “Origin of Everything,” available on (Courtesy of PBS)

Deftly equipped to talk about controversial topics, Dr. Bainbridge holds a Ph.D. in African American Studies and American Studies from Yale University and graduated Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in English & Theatre Arts. She is also a faculty member at Northwestern University in Theatre and African American Studies

In early 2017, when she was a graduate student, she was contacted by PBS about working on the show and thought it was a joke.

“When they first reached out to me, I thought it was a hoax,” Dr. Bainbridge said. “I was thinking how would they even know who I am because I was a graduate student? But I think they found me through a since defunct janky website that I had set up. They reached out to me, I auditioned, did a screen test, and a writing sample and after that I was hired to help develop the show.”

Viewers are encouraged to be interactive with the series because it is digital. With instant commentary from the audience, the show knows immediately what viewers think, which for the most part is positive. However, when it delves into controversial subject matters things can get sticky.

“I would say overall people are pretty positive about the series because most of the folks who watch it are longtime watchers who tune in every week for episodes,” Dr. Bainbridge said. “The only exception is if we cover more sensitive topics like, race, gender, or sexuality we will get some pushback. I think that’s just the cost of doing business with open discourse.”

One of the most controversial shows was about the transatlantic slave trade.

“We did one episode on why Europeans enslaved Africans and that was probably our most viewed episode as well as our most critiqued one,” Dr. Bainbridge said. “I think often times if you view yourself as pretty well versed in history from what you learn in school and then you learn something that goes in the opposite direction it can be jarring or for some people upsetting. We think of it as our value or service to our audience to present accurate history or history that doesn’t get told that often so that people can be informed with the whole picture.”

She added that she has an answer for those who point out that Africans sold slaves to Europeans.

“Slavery was not invented with West Africans and Europeans,” Dr. Bainbridge continued. “Some form of enslavement – whether through war, becoming a prisoner of war, or through different systems – goes back to ancient societies from around the world. So, it is not distinct to West Africa or Europe or any other region of the world.”

Dr. Bainbridge added, “But the difference with this particular moment in slavery was that it intersected with capitalism in a way that was very different with slavery that preceded it. People were taken into the system and their children inherited their status as a slave and that is where the differences started to emerge. We have to think about these things as distinct only because the system that existed with chattel slavery was so radically different than the slavery that existed around the world beforehand.”

With the ongoing protests against police brutality, “Origin of Everything” has also tackled the racist beginnings of United States law. Dr. Bainbridge breaks down the discriminatory history by looking at colonialism, slavery, the Jim Crow era, and mass incarceration.

“I decided to write this episode about legal discrimination, and I didn’t have a particular agenda in mind,” she said. “As I started doing the research it was overwhelming. I started to find (material) that just dealt with legal discrimination about black people in this country from its origin to now. I thought it was something that people needed to know.”

“I was never taught in any history class that I took through high school any of the information from that episode. I was taught that things are fair and that a lot of the blame was placed inadvertently or inherently on black communities, impoverished communities, or communities that struggle. When I saw that in some ways the law was stacked against black people and certain other populations, I thought that was important to bring to light. In this moment, people are looking for reliable sources and this could add to the conversation.”

New episodes of “Origin of Everything” are available on and the PBS Digital Studios’ YouTube Channel. Join the conversation by visiting Twitter-@PBSOrigin and Instagram-@pbsoriginofeverything.

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