Sunday, September 25, 2022

Phylicia Rashad & Bresha Webb Talk Breaking Out of Casting Directors Limits – WATCH

*If you haven’t heard, Tyler Perry has a new Netflix film. “A Fall From Grace” is his first with the streaming giant. The production tells the story of Grace, a divorced woman who finds love and marriage with a younger man, only to later be indicted for his murder.

The lead character’s young lawyer, Jasmine, is skeptical of her client’s guilt, even though Grace insists that she wants to plead guilty. Jasmine, against the wishes of her boss – played by Perry –  begins to unravel the details of Grace’s life.

EUR sat down with Perry and the stars of the film; Crystal Fox (OWN TV’s “The Haves and Have Nots”) Phylicia Rashad (“Empire”) and Bresha Webb (“Marlon,” Netflix’s “Sextuplets”) – to discuss what it’s like working on a Perry production and the opportunity he’s given to actors to move outside of the typical boxes that casting directors often place them in.

For Webb, known largely for her comedy roles, Perry previously cast the actress in a smaller part in his 2018 film, “Acrimony.” That performance lead to this current co-starring stint in “A Fall From Grace”

I did a very small role in “Acrimony,” I played a younger version of the sisters – and there’s no small parts – and I say that about this because he saw me in that, loved what I did, and called me for this… that was another dramatic film that I was able to play in and I’m very thankful for that. It’s amazing to work with him.  

Perry is known for his fast-paced work environments, often completing entire productions in a matter of weeks. His latest film is his 23rd film in 15 years!


When Tyler Perry shared a video on social media of all the scripts he’s written over 2019 for his television shows, it started a conversation on social media as to whether or not that was in the best interest of his business and the development of future writers.

Perry has previously said that he used writers before and the quality of work and ratings suffered. When asked about his writing process, Perry had this to say.

I think writing so many shows has sharpened it, so now it goes a little bit faster for me, which is really great. And also, I’m very clear who I am writing for and who I am speaking to. Here’s the thing, I know my audience, when they are watching “A Fall from Grace,” I know what their reaction is going to be. So when I’m writing these shows, I’m writing specifically for my audience, I’m very clear on my intention and what I’m doing.  My process for film is a little bit slower than it is for television. With film I’m just taking my time and trying to really feel the characters and what’s going on.

Tyler Perry’s “A Fall From Grace” is available on Netflix beginning January 17.





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