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Wes Riddick is Founder of Maximus Box Online Men’s Big and Tall Clothing Subscription Service

Wes Riddick, Founder of the Maximus Box.

*30-year-old entrepreneur, Wes Riddick, saw a void in men’s big and tall fashion. He used his own savings to start-up his company, Maximus Box. Maximus Box is the first big and tall clothing subscription service for men.

The company believes that every big and tall man should have the right to feel confident and comfortable.

Riddick told that the first launch was troublesome; however, with some regrouping with his team, they were able to come back much stronger.

“When I started the company we had some initial failures, during our first soft launch we lost a lot of money, we learned and regrouped and in the fall of 2016 we saw tremendous results,” says Riddick.

He had no idea of the large market opportunities, but always strived to revolutionize a service to meet more of the customer’s needs. With a plan and a lot of hard work behind him, he was able to generate much profit.


“I had no idea that I was tapping into such a huge market demand, I was simply strapped for time, on a budget and needed to find my size without all of the hassle of returns,” said Riddick.

Maximus Box is a monthly subscription for men from all over the country. Each month, men receive a new box delivered to their homes filled with clothes that have been solely chosen for them. The styles are uniquely selected based on the customers exact fit and style. Before you glance the products, you’ll need to create a style profile in order for the stylists to get an idea of what specifically fits you. The Maximus Box has 3 different types of membership. The basic plan retails at $69 a month.

On a national scale this business has grown and is serving customers from all over. The demand is high, and the function market is being attained, not losing sight of the quality / price proportion. Maximus Box is growing at a rate of 6.5%, and is already market leader. By 2022 the market will be valued at $4 billion.

Maximus Box launched in March 2016 and has since grown nationwide. Headquarters is located in Austin, TX. All products can be purchased online. There has been a lot a buzz surrounding this service via social media.


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