Monday, May 20, 2024

The Hutchinson Report: Here’s How Trump Beat Mueller

*President Donald Trump did not tweet, rant, shout, or finger point Special Counsel Robert Mueller the instant he delivered his report to Attorney General William Barr. Trump, in fact, said nothing. He didn’t have to. He won. He won with his three-year relentless and ruthless ramming into the public and media lexicon the words and the notion, “no collusion,” “witch hunt,” and “hoax,” about the Mueller investigation.

He won when his fervid base supporters shouted, screamed, and stomped ‘lock her up.” The “her” being Hillary Clinton. He won when he fired Attorney General William Sessions whose only real sin in Trump’s eye was his recusal from the investigation. He won when his acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker made clear that he would be the sole arbiter of what was released or not in the Mueller Report. He won when his permanent Attorney General Barr pretty much with only a slight guarded refinement hewed to the same line. He won when he dithered, dodged, and finally scuttled any notion that he’d do a face-to-face interview with Mueller’s team.

He won when two decades earlier during the probe by then Special Counsel Kenneth Starr into the Clinton-Lewinsky-Whitewater scandals the Justice Department did not specify that a Special Counsel’s finding had to be released to the public. With full knowledge of this, he won when he craftily and pithily said “let the public see the report. He didn’t mean it, but he could say it, because again he knew that he and Barr would make the final call on what the public and Congress could see.

He had several powerful weapons to further secure his win. One is executive privilege. This gives him …….(READ MORE)

Earl Ofari Hutchinson is the author of The Russia Probe: What Did Trump Know, And When Did He Know It? (Middle Passage Press)


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