Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Stacey Abrams Looks Uncomfortable As Colbert Reads from Her Erotic Novel – WATCH

*Stacey Abrams may be a Democratic political powerhouse with possible White House goals but she once had a knack for writing erotic fiction.

When she hit up “The Late Show” Wednesday night, Stacy was set to talk about the release of her book “Lead From the Outside,” but host Stephen Colbert decided to read some of the “steamy” excerpts from a novel she penned over a decade ago under the pseudonym “Selena Montgomery.”

“Now, you’re also a retired romance novelist,” Colbert said, to which Abrams noted that she’s on a “prolonged hiatus.”

Abrams, who was the first Black female major-party gubernatorial nominee in the history of the United States last fall, explained that she wrote romance novels —several of which can still be purchased on Amazon—under a pseudonym because she thought her own name was “boring” and didn’t want it associated with fictitious sexually malnourished housewives when folks googled her, per The Daily Beast.

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Colbert then prepared to read an excerpt from one of the novels, asking Abrams if she had a preference as to which one he chose.

“God no, I don’t want you to read any of these,” she replied. “I want people to read them in the quiet of their home.”

He then proceeded to read from the 2009 novel “Reckless”: “Softly, inexorably he tested the contours of her lips, the damp heat urging him inside,” he read. “Reaching for Patience, Luke sank down into the chair she’d abandoned and settled her across his lap. Her eyes fluttered open, her fingers clutched at his shoulders. When she tugged him closer, Patience fled.”

Colbert then asked “Is there any of that” in her more recent book, “Because then I understand why it would be a bestseller,” he added.

Earlier in the interview, Abrams noted that she had no updates about her 2020 presidential plans.

“I am not willing to declare anything tonight,” she said.

Scroll up and watch their interview via the clip above.


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