Thursday, June 13, 2024

Sandy Hook Promise Drops Graphic School Shooting PSA [WATCH]

*A new back-to-school commercial has stirred both debate and outrage across social media for showing teens using ordinary items to survive a school shooting.

In the chilling PSA, the young actors demonstrate how book bags, sweaters, folders and skateboards could be used to save lives in case of a school shooting.

One teen notes how his new sneakers are good for running away from a gunman, while another uses his new skateboard to break a window to escape. In another scene, a young girl hiding in the bathroom is grateful for a new phone to text her mom during a school shooting.

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Sandy Hook Promise Debuts Graphic School Shooting Back-to-School PSA

As noted by Inside Edition, the clip was released by Sandy Hook Promise, a gun safety advocacy group formed in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012. 

“Shame on our nation for making this an actual reality year in and year out,” wrote activist Shaun King on Instagram.”

One commenter added, “The Accuracy of this is brilliant and saddening at the same time.”

Actress Alexandra Shipppp also noted, “Wow. Scary. Praying for our babies… but prayer doesn’t mean much with the world we live in now….”

You can watch the new PSA above.

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