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Netflix’s ‘Dear White People’ Volume 3 is All About Growth and Personal Expansion – WATCH

Junior year in college is usually one of a lot of growth. You’re faced with the reality that graduation and the person you are supposed to be as an adult is inching closer. In that same manner, Volume 3 of the hit Netflix show Dear White People has a theme, “Growth by any means necessary” and emphasizes it through the journey the characters take this season.

There is a shift right from the beginning, as this season starts with major changes at the fictional Winchester University. Not only has Sam (Logan Browning) handed off the duties of hosting the controversial campus radio show ‘Dear White People’ over to Joelle (Ashley Blaine Featherson,) she is still dealing with her father’s death and struggling to find a topic for her film thesis.

Joelle is challenged with making the show her own, but as equally enticing as Sam’s show was before. She finds herself at an interesting cross-section after inviting Coco’s ( Antoinette Robinson) BFF/frenemy Muffy Tuttle (Caitlin Carver) onto the new show.


Meanwhile, Reggie (Marque Richardson) is still dealing with the emotional fallout of being held at gunpoint, while his relationship with Joelle is going through the inevitable ups and downs that kick-in after the honeymoon phase. The return of charismatic professor Moses (Blair Underwood,) to Winchester, has had a positive effect on Reggie. Moses left to go work in Silicon Valley. Has Reggie seemingly found just the mentor he needs?

Lionel is discovering life as a former virgin, he is assisted by one of the new characters introduced this season, D’Unte (Griffin Matthews) and an upper classman who is willing to take Lionel under his wing.

This season also takes a deeper look into other characters’ storylines as well, such as Al (Jemar Michael) and Brooke (Courtney Sauls). The audience is also introduced to the show’s long-time narrator (Giancarlo Esposito,) who stepped out of the shadows at the end of Volume 2 to shed light on the secret society of Order of X.

Other guest stars this season include Yvette Nicole Brown as Coco’s brash mother Evelyn Connors, who is the exact opposite of Coco and Laverne Cox as Sam’s filmmaking idol Cynthia Fray.

At the premiere in Los Angeles last week, creator Justin Simien expanded on Volume 3’s theme of growth with EURweb’s Jill Munroe:

“it’s kind of like the world we are living in right now, where everyone is figuring out who they are, you have Trans-rights, Black women are mad about this thing, Black men are mad about this thing, but that’s ok though, it’s people finding themselves. I just wanted to reflect that, and celebrate that”  

 Dear White People Volume 3 is available now on Netflix.

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