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Mississippi Community College Names First African-American (Tyrone Jackson) as President

*The Delta Community College in Moorhead, Mississippi had recently nominated a native from the region as the president. Tyrone Jackson thereby managed to become the first ever African American president of the Delta Community College from its 9 overall presidents.

The trustees of the college had chosen Jackson to lead an institution that hosted 2400 students in July last year. Currently, however, Jackson works as the vice president at the Hinds Community college.

“It’s Very Special…”

Jackson went on to speak to the Greenwood Commonwealth when he stated that he thought the college’s decision was very special. He thought so because coming back to Mississippi Delta and becoming the first ever African American to lead the famous institution was definitely less of an opportunity and more of an honor.

Where is He Now?

tyrone jackson - courtesy delta community college
Tyrone Jackson

Jackson – who is a native of Rosedale, MS – currently leads the campus for Hinds in Utica and oversees all of their administrative services. His roots however are lodged deeply into the Delta State University as he had earned his bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree from this institution. Jackson had then also worked for a series of jobs here such as the director of multicultural affairs, associate director of residence and housing life and director of graduate studies.

Jackson had then left his prestigious post as president to move on as the associate vice president of the Gulf Coast Community College in Mississippi. He served here for atleast 2 years as the associate vice president of student services and then moved on to Hinds for the same role for 5 years.

He Intends to Learn from His Students, Staff and Faculty

After so much experience in the field, however, you would think that Jackson may believe that he knows it all. Jackson, however, was found saying in an interview that he always intends to listen to his students, staff and faculty in order to keep learning new things about the college he was running. He also did so in order to maintain the profile of the college in the community.

Jackson has also been found to inspire students to follow his path as he worked really hard to recruit students wherever he worked. While doing so, he also admitted to the fact that he tried his very best to raise the minimum salary of the faculty to make the opportunity attractive for students.

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