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The Pulse of Entertainment: Cece Winans-Love Continues Her ‘Believe For It’ Tour

Cece Winans-Love in concert.

*“It’s still giving hope,” said 15-time Grammy-winning Cece Winans-Love about her Grammy and 2-time GMA Dove Award-winning “Believe For It” (Puresprings Gospel/Fair Trade) live album that is still popular and thriving after two years since its March 12, 2021 release. “It’s growing. It was the #1 Gospel song on Billboard….it is continuing to grow.” CeCe […]

Mississippi Community College Names First African-American (Tyrone Jackson) as President

*The Delta Community College in Moorhead, Mississippi had recently nominated a native from the region as the president. Tyrone Jackson thereby managed to become the first ever African American president of the Delta Community College from its 9 overall presidents. The trustees of the college had chosen Jackson to lead an institution that hosted 2400 […]