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Michael Jackson: Uniting People Through Music – It is Possible

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*New York — If you have ever attended a Michael Jackson concert or watched one captured on video, you undoubtedly found the performance mesmerizing – almost hypnotic. From the music to the costumes to the stage, Michael gave fans his all.

Michael’s performances were electric. They were amazing. They were truly one-of-kind experiences. From belting out his hit songs with that unmistakable voice; to the contrast of the white socks and black loafers moving sideways across the stage so effortlessly they appeared to be gliding; to white tape around the index and ring fingers of his right hand, he gave off so much shear energy many fans would literally lose consciousness during his shows, falling into a heap right on the venue’s floor.

Michael was always aiming to give his fans more than they could imagine. When makeup and costumes transformed him into a werewolf for the “Thriller” short film, he is said to have exclaimed, “That’s magic!”  In his music video for “Smooth Criminal,” we saw Michael and the dancers leaning forward in unison at a 45 degree angle, appearing to defy gravity. It was not magic, but we all marveled at seeing humans do something that was definitely not humanly possible. He often talked about his love for “creating magic” through music and performance.

He also often shared his vision of using music to create a world where people, regardless of race, age, culture, or background, would love one another.

Throughout world history, there has been division between people – division by culture, race, generation, ethnicity, ideology, religion, values, beliefs, ethics, and more. However, Michael had a unique ability to break down those potential barriers and connect with his fans and inspire them to connect with one another. In that way, he surpassed what it meant to be a crossover artist. He created an energy level so visceral that strangers from all types of backgrounds no longer felt they were separate but became interconnected as human beings.

For example, watching the way in which fans appeared to relate to one another at his sold-out concerts at Wembley Stadium in 1988, we could almost believe the extraordinary was possible: together, even with our differences, we really could build and sustain a harmonious world. Michael’s music was so ubiquitous, through it, he taught us to stand together and find our common interests, which is exactly what he dreamed of for us all.

“I always wish the world could be a better place,” Michael said in a television interview circa late 1980s. “Hopefully, that is what I do with my music.”

Michael’s music also had a cultural impact on the world and demonstrated his deep commitment to international exchange as well as to ending division between people and countries. More than an exceptional entertainer, Michael was a cultural ambassador who used the living art form of music to teach and unite people.

Through music and performance, he made it possible for people of all races and ethnicities to become more exposed to black culture. When he traveled the world, he made it possible for more people to be exposed to American culture. Michael knew that exposure sometimes sparks curiosity. Curiosity tends to lead to investigation and investigation to discovery, and from discovery, understanding, and ultimately, acceptance is possible.

In a single performance, Michael Jackson would manage to bring together thousands of people of diverse races, ethnicities, lifestyles, education, socioeconomic status, and sexual orientation. The differences – though they remained – no longer mattered. That is the universal language of music, one of the most significant contributions to world culture. It was also the inexplicable ability of Michael Jackson, the artist, to unite people around the world. One might consider that to be magic.

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Michael Jackson broke records and broke barriers. He was a pioneer in music, art, and entertainment. He blazed trails and created pathways. He brought people together through his unique gifts to the world: extraordinary music and unparalleled generosity. He achieved more in his brief life than many. He gave more to people in his 50 years than most. What remains is his legacy—immortal, indelible, infinite. These press releases  are a dedicated destination to read, learn, and reflect on all things Michael Jackson. Archives of all articles can be found on our column in under Michael Jackson’s Legacy column.

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