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Keith Robinson Talks Season 4 of Bounce TV’s ‘Saints & Sinners’ – EUR Exclusive!

*Saints & Sinners just started its 4th season on Bounce TV. If you thought previous seasons had you on the edge of your seat, wait until you see the drama that unfolds this season.

For those who haven’t checked it out, the show delves into the lives and drama surrounding the fictional Greater Hope Baptist Church. Keith Robinson stars as Miles Calloway and music star who is straddling both the secular and gospel music worlds.

The show also features Vanessa Bell Calloway as Lady Ella, Christian Keyes as Levi and Clifton Powell as Rex.

EURweb’s Jill Munroe spoke with Robinson about this upcoming season, as well as his contribution

Jill:  First up, getting ready for season four, Tamara and Miles got the baby back. So that’s good. What can we look forward to in Season 4 of “Saints & Sinners?”

Keith:     More drama for sure. You know, Miles is still kind of torn and trying to gradually work his way back and put the pieces to his family back together, and find his footing. And we’ll see if he’s able to do it. And so it’s an uphill battle. So it should be quite a roller coaster ride.

Jill:           You have had a long career filled with all types of projects, TV and film. Do you have a preference for the type that you work on?

Keith: I don’t really. I mean, as long as it’s great material, then I’m down. I think a lot of times with film, when it’s a great film, it leaves a lasting impression and culture. But I love both mediums, as long as it’s great material.


Jill:  Do people still come up to you with remarks about DreamGirls? Or are they on your head for things that Miles has done on this show?

Keith:     You know, it varies from a number of projects. It really depends on the person and the age of the person. I mean, I have people come up to me and say things about various projects. There’s no one that people… I think everybody has seen Dream Girls. But I mean, people come up to me about projects that I’ve even forgotten about sometimes. So I think that’s the fun of it. And people kind of gravitate towards you for one character or another. But definitely people… Because Saints & Sinners is on, people definitely step to me about Miles.

Jill:    And have great opinions. Yes?

Keith:     They’re very opinionated about Miles. Yeah. [laughs]

Jill:    It’s interesting when I was researching you, I know that you started in music. That’s sort of what brought you to LA. But I noticed that music is a big part of most of your projects, but I didn’t know that you scored too. So are there any projects that you score that people would be surprised about?

Keith:     Well, I’ve scored some independent movies, like Divorce Invitation and Dysfunctional Friends, which is kind of a little cult classic. And I’ve placed songs in almost… A majority of the projects that I’ve had a chance to work on from Fat Albert to Blade 3, to various TV shows, including Saints & Sinners. So I’ve kind of spread myself out as much as I can in that area.

Jill:   Not a lot of people get the opportunity to do both. That’s rarefied air. And you’ve been doing it consistently. How did you manage to work that in? And what kind of advice would you give to… Since everyone is “hyphenated” at this stage, so to speak, how would you encourage them to take that same path?

Keith:     Well, I think for one, honing your craft, and then whatever project I was on, I always made it a point to get to know the music supervisor and really know the direction musically where it was going. And just, you know, really cut records that I kind of saw that would fit that project and I just pitch them and stay consistent. And if I had to harass somebody then I would do it. And it kind of stacked up like that. Of course, for this project, with Miles being a musician and him singing on the show, it made it like a no-brainer. So I’m actually writing a song today for the song on the show. So… I’ve just kind of hustled it out, basically.

Jill:  Hustled it out. That’s great. Is there a method to your writing? Do you have to set a certain mood? Or can you just sort of focus on it, bang it out, and then move on to the next thing?

Keith:    The mood is dictated by whatever the project or the song or the character calls for, or whether it’s for TV, or some are just music. But it’s kind of something that is a function of mine. So I’ve always written songs, I’ve always been a writer. So it’s kind of a natural progression for me. It’s kind of an organic process.

Robinson has a new music project dropping later this summer entitled “Love Episodic 2.” Catch “Saints & Sinners” Sunday nights on Bounce TV.

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