Monday, May 27, 2024

‘Hustle & Soul’ Exclusive Clip – Does Aneeka Have a Drug Problem? [WATCH]

*We have an exclusive clip of this week’s episode of We tv’s hit culinary docuseries “Hustle & Soul,” and Ana has major concerns for Aneeka after she strips nearly naked and jumps in the pool at The Pink Tea Cup.

Ana and Chef Lawrence are less than thrilled when they roll up to find Aneeka in the pool with her derriere exposed.

Aneeka explains to the power couple, “I was going to make sure everything was clean in the pool and take out everything I see.”

But Ana makes clear that she didn’t have to remove her clothing and get into the pool in order to do that.

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“I always thought Aneeka was eccentric, but not to the point of drug addict,” Ana says in the clip above. “Now I’m seeing a little bit of it. I can’t allow her to go that route.”

Aneka’s bizarre behavior gets her sent home in an Uber. Scroll up and watch Ana attempt to make her antics make sense via the YouTube clip above.

Elsewhere in the episode, Ana sets her plot in motion behind LP’s back. Dom devastates Stef with his decision. Cola plans return to Brooklyn, but Nikki fears she’s being manipulated.

Tune in to see what the staff has cooking in the kitchen when “Hustle & Soul” airs Thursday at 10/9C on WE tv.

About Hustle & Soul
The series follows Chef Lawrence Page, proprietor of The Pink Teacup, who has big plans to expand his Soul Food brand to Miami with the opening of The Pink Teacup Villa. With a new menu, new staff, celebrity appearances, the Miami nightlife scene and sexy pool parties, the Pink Tea Cup Villa is heating up and brimming with new stories and drama!

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