Monday, May 27, 2024

Goodwill Stores Going Digital with Luxury Retail Concept


*When it comes to fashion bargains as well as any ol’ kind of everyday stuff, your local Goodwill store is the place to find it.

However, times are a changing and Goodwill has found itself eating the digital dust of online competitors such as RealReal and Poshmark.

As  Business of Fashion reports, Goodwill has gotten hip to the digital resale game.

After decades of watching folks clean up on eBay or Etsy with their donated finds, Goodwill has decided to partner with mobile marketplace OfferUP to offload some of their most covetable items to the highest bidder.

We can’t say we blame them; as BoF reports, the resale industry is currently a $24 billion market. Goodwill’s 3,300 stores alone generated $4.29 billion in sales in 2017, which primarily goes toward maintaining its vast network of stores and workforce (whose jobs are often part of the “goodwill” the nonprofit provides).

But given the success of sites like the RealReal (which recently filed for IPO), Poshmark and more, Goodwill apparently isn’t leveraging its 117-year-old assets as well as it could, and a long-overdue image overhaul may be the result.

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