Wednesday, May 29, 2024

David Ortiz’s Friend was the Intended Target of Hit, Not Ex-Baseballer

*David Ortiz was NOT the intended target of those hit men trying to carry out a murder plot, according to authorities in the Dominican Republic.

Sixto David Fernandez, a buddy of Ortiz, was the man the shooters were supposed to have executed back on June 9 at the Dial Bar in Santa Domingo. Fernandez, who frequently hangs out at the bar, was sitting at the same table as Ortiz when the attack happened.

Jean Alain Rodríguez, the country’s Attorney General, said Wednesday he personally interviewed Ortiz. The baseball icon, known as “Big Papi,” told Rodríguez he had no idea who would want him dead.

So who is responsible for the botched hit? According to Rodríguez, authorities believe Victor Hugo Gómez Vasquez, a fugitive believed to be part of the Cartel Del Golfo, is the person who ordered the hit.

But why? It’s still unclear why Fernandez was targeted.

So far, Dominican officials have arrested 11 suspects in the alleged plot, including the alleged shooter. At least three of the suspects in custody met Vasquez in prison, officials said Wednesday.

Surveillance footage released by authorities showed Ortiz crumpled to the ground after a gunman came up from behind and opened fire at close range.


Here’s more from NBC News:

Ortiz is conscious and has been able to walk, according to his wife, Tiffany Ortiz. Doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital upgraded Ortiz’s condition to “good” on Tuesday after surgeons on the Caribbean island removed his gallbladder and part of his intestines.

At least ten of the suspects in custody have already been ordered to spend a year in preventive detention as the investigation continues. Authorities are still looking for three other people who may be involved in the alleged hit, including the man they think paid nearly $8,000 for the hit.

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