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Cheron K. Griffin’s ‘I See You: Igniting Hope & Preventing Suicide’ Tells Story with Emojis

I see you

*(Houston, TX) – Author Cheron K. Griffin got fed up with the rising suicide rate among children and teens, thus decided to write about it, in hopes to help someone who is at their breaking point and believes the only way out is to kill themselves.

As a result, I SEE YOU: Igniting Hope & Preventing Suicide book was born.  A movement by Grow A Girls Network Inc., her entrepreneurial brainchild, to delve into the lives of suicide victims’ families and dredge-up efficacious methods to keep suicide-oriented thoughts at bay.

Griffin’s antennas began to rise when she was constantly hearing about children who had committed suicide.   In Cincinnati, Gabriel Tay, age 8, Alabama’s McKenzie Adams, age 9, Texas’ Kevin Reese, Jr., age 10, Alabama’s Nigel Shelby, age 15, faced homophobic bullying from his peers, Philadelphia’s Phillip Spruill, Jr., age 11 bullies targeted him because of his larger-than-average size, Colorado’s Ashawnty Davis, 10. All hung themselves. The reason…Bullying.

Written with the help of emojis, the book provides comfort for people feeling lonely, different, or broken-hearted.  When the struggles on the inside seem insurmountable, it is okay to seek out help from a therapist, loved one, or spiritual leader.  The book ends with a warning that if their depression has left them in an emergency, it is important to call for help, the phone number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is provided along with a reminder to the reader that they are loved and seen.”

The moral of I SEE YOU is to reiterate to every reader is “I see you and you are loved.” The “I SEE YOU” campaign sole purpose is to spread happiness.


Cheron K Griffin
Cheron K. Griffin

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Griffin has composed a song, entitled I See You Freedom Chant and is working on a film script.

About Cheron K. Griffin

Cheron K. Griffin, an Author, Freedom Coach, Lifestyle Hacker, Dating Consultant and a Divorce Guru has spent many years inspiring others, currently being a contributor to the Hype magazine. She serves as a powerhouse to all women who look up to her for her advocacy.  Griffin has published three published books and an international speaker – US, Africa, and Europe. She is the founder and CEO of Grow A Girl Network, Incorporated (501C3 NPO) and the creator of the “I See You Campaign” dedicated to suicide prevention and mental health awareness. Griffin has a Bachelors in Science, but also holds certificate in Stress Management Coaching. Griffin teaches others about the importance of self-care, the kind that exhibits abstention from the periphery of narcissism. Her words help those people struggling through divorce to gain insight for getting life back on track. Please visit growagirlnetwork.org for more information.

To discover more about the suicide prevention campaign, please visit https://www.growagirlnetwork.org/copy-of-support-us

Website: https://www.cheronsworld.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cheronkgriffin

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cheronkgriffin/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3ylwbPq3T22K_kmmypuuaQ




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