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Black Women and Interracial Dating/Swirling

*Our society is “supposedly” colorblind yet when black women date outside of their race it is not viewed as acceptable.

A site has originated with the name, They specialize in interracial dating as their name hints because they believe that love is more than skin deep.

Many African American women are up to dating outside of their race, even if they have never done so before.

When it comes to American society at large, which claims to be colorblind, many are not open to the idea of black women dating men from a different race from them. The surprising thing is most of the people who are against interracial dating reside in the black community.

Why Is This?
In the real world Mayor Bill de Blasio, a white man, is married to Chirlane McCray, a black woman, and they have been married for years. They do not care that they are of a different race and neither does anyone who is in their circles. However, on the now legendary television show, “Scandal,” Olivia Pope, has an affair with the white president of the United States and everyone is against it.

Many people do not understand why it is such a big deal. In fact, Christelyn Karazin coauthored a book titled, “Swirling: How to Date, Mate, and Relate Mixing Race, Culture and Creed,” and she writes the blog Beyond Black & White as well as a column here at EURweb. She feels as though this is 2019, so people can date whom they want to date; we are no longer in the 1800s. She also has a white husband and they have three kids.

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Men Do It
The sad fact that really pisses off black women who are for interracial dating is that black men can date women out of their race and they get a pass. However, when a woman dates outside of the race black men are the main ones with the issue. Additionally, black women are 50% more likely to graduate from high school than black males and twice the number of black women attends college compared to black males. Statistics also state that black men are six times more likely to go to jail or prison than white men are. Therefore, there is no wonder that black women want to date outside of their race.

Closing Thoughts
Black women should not be limited to only dating inside of their race. Skin color does not matter as long as two people are in love.


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