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(The Black Hat) 10 Ways That Dating A White Girl Will Open A Black Man’s Eyes to Racism

get out
Brothers, be careful. That white girl is poison!

(This story was originally published on March 14, 2017)

*This is an editorial for black men.

Hey fellas, if you’re thinking about dating a white girl — which is a learning experience that all black men should undergo at some point in their lives — it’ll expose you to racism in ways that only a trained eye can recognize. To further this premise, I’ve come up with 10 examples based on some of my romantic encounters with white women, the first of which included one of them looking to her left and to her right before kissing me in public.

It was 2013 at the time, many moons ahead the Jim Crow era, and still, as a white woman, she instinctively made sure that no one else could see us sharing a kiss.

In that moment, I thought to myself, “Bitch, you ain’t crossing the the street. What’s your deal?” But looking back, I shouldn’t have been offended — she was only protecting herself from the disapproving stares that come whenever there’s a sighting of a mixed-race couple, especially the vanilla-chocolate variety.

Check out the other 10 examples below:

Racism: Don’t Date That White Girl, The World Will Hate You

Dating a white girl will reveal how much of a nigger you actually are (to the white people watching). When you enter a room with her, even the most liberal white observer will spend an extra second or two watching the way you interact. It won’t seem natural. And plus, viewing mixed-race couples in person draws a much greater psychological response from racists than catching a glimpse of this imagery showcased on a billboard or in a magazine. Even if they aren’t watching for long periods, you’ll experience discomfort like you never have before.

Bojangles photo

Racism: Don’t Date That White Girl, Her Friends Will Judge You 

As the token black guy, her friends will analyze your every move to confirm stereotypes and satisfy personal curiosity. If you behave too much like the typical “Negro”, it will elicit their judgement. If you fail to exhibit a sufficient amount of blackness, they will respond by asking probing questions about your upbringing.

token black guy, racial degradation,

Racism: Don’t Date That White Girl, She Only Wants The “D”

She’s going to make requests in the bedroom, and hold you to certain expectations, that she wouldn’t otherwise think of with a white partner. It’s a symptom of the “Mandingo Fantasy”.

black man, white woman, interracial dating, racism, social taboo, sexual perversion, mandingo

Racism: Don’t Date That White Girl, In Her Subconscious, She’s Afraid Of You

During any dispute, she’ll pay close attention to your behavior to determine if it’s aggressive or a danger to her safety (which she already suspects due to the media’s unsavory portrayal of black men).

black male, aggressive, hostile, violent, argumentative, physically intimidating

Racism: Don’t Date That White Girl, She’s Only Using You As An Experiment

You will likely be the only black person that she interacts with on a regular basis, or one of a small few (hence the term “experiment”).

interracial dating, white women, black men, social experiment

Racism: Don’t Date That White Girl, She’ll Pour On The PDA In Public For Attention

In public, she will lay it on thick with her affection to prove that she doesn’t notice the other people watching. This will also be an attempt to counteract the instinctive prejudice brewing within her subconscious. (Side Note: The darker you are, and the fairer she is, the more intently others will stare).

white woman black man

Racism: Don’t Date That White Girl, She’ll F*uck Your Brains Out, But She Wont Marry You

After your “undefined” relationship with her reaches its inevitable end — as 90 percent of all black/white couples fail to go the distance — you’ll look up several months later, or even earlier depending on her dating habits, and she’ll be in the arms of a white guy (thereby satisfying her subconscious desire to socialize within her own race).

engagement ring photo

Racism: Don’t Date That White Girl, She Doesn’t Understand Your Struggle As A Black Man (Doesn’t Care Either).

When you approach her with complaints about the racism you experience at work or anyplace else, she’ll initially put forth effort to create the illusion that she’s understanding and sympathetic, but eventually your complaining will elicit responses of annoyance and insensitivity. This will lead to her flipping the script and accusing YOU of being racist and narrow-minded. It’s a tactic that white people use whenever they want to avoid answering questions about racism, or owning up to the part they play.

conversation about race, white privilege, black struggle, black man, white woman, lack of understanding

Racism: Don’t Date That White Girl, She Thinks You’re Simpleminded (By Nature)

If you happen to lack intelligence or sophistication, which some might argue would disqualify you from even being eligible to date white women, there will come times when she speaks to you with a condescending tone, as if you know nothing, like she would a young child. In this scenario, her goal, you’ll notice, will be to ‘civilize’ you in a manner that’s suitable for her family, friends and colleagues. It would be her version of transforming a field slave to a house nigga.

woman-teacher photo

Racism: Don’t Date That White Girl, She Will Only Expose Your Kids To Her Culture (No BET)

If you procreate with a white partner, she won’t be in a position, nor is it likely that she’ll be open to the idea of exposing your offspring to black culture more than her own culture. Don’t be fooled when she observes all of the accessories decorating your niece’s hair and says “how creative”. That’s code for “ghetto”.

white mom, bi racial child, white culture, black culture, white superiority, social conditioning, assimilation, white nationalism,


The Black Hat is written by  Southern California based  Cory A. Haywood, a freelance writer and expert on Negro foolishness. Contact him via: [email protected] and/or visit his blog:, or send him a message on Twitter: @coryahaywood

cory haywood
Cory Haywood




  1. Just living in America should open one’s eyes to racism. We face racism much earlier in life and don’t need any type of relationship with someone outside of our ethnicity to become aware of the impact.

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  2. Oh, so every black male should swirl but black women are called everything but a child of god when they do. Keep up the hypocrisy, only the entire world is watching.

  3. This is just another racist article on the internet blind to how racist it is. It’s bullshit. There are a lot of white/black couples in South Carolina. SOUTH CAROLINA. Yes, that one. This article is bullshit.

  4. This article is an insult to my (white) aunt, who was been married to an excellent black man for fifteen years, who both made a beautiful daughter together. Should you have told him to back off and not start dating the love of his life on account of her race? Words are easy to write…and it would be a shame if all black men took your shameful advice to heart. I’m tri-racial myself (not black though) and while there were sticky race dynamics in my family’s history, I wouldn’t exist unless they had the courage to defy social expectations and marry/have kids with the spouse they loved.

  5. “It’s a tactic that white people use whenever they want to avoid answering questions about racism, or owning up to the part they play.”

    The irony, of course, being that you are using the exact same tactic to avoid acknowledging your own racism.

  6. I agree with everyone else here. Such a racist article. If anything, you stirring the race pot is adding on to the already -heated race issue. I expected better from eurweb.

  7. I was going to comment insightfully on this article but after reading everyone else’s comments it seems that they said it best. Maybe there was one or two things that made me think,which is what something written should do even if you agree with it or not but overall I really can’t feel any of the points that is trying to be made. Sounds like another Umar Johnson fan boy.

  8. Good article. Can’t imagine how many times one of these points has came up while i’ve dated a white women. Prejudice is always present, whether it’s family, friends or other. Currently dating a white Polish women, have already had a few of her friends comment on the failure and disagreement of our relationship.

    • I’m sorry that you have actually experienced shit like this! This article was crazy to me. well written but inaccurate. I am a white women dating a black man. I love him very much, we are engaged, and my WHITE child from a past relationship has been raised with a lot of black culture exposure, even more then “white” culture. None of my friends have any judgments, because I dont keep people like that around me, i never have considered my boyfriend “simple minded ” he is probably smarter than me. i dont load on PDA any more then I would at home- i kiss him a lot no matter where we are. He is not an experiment to me. I think this article may apply to some people which sucks. but this is not always the case. we love eachother very much, and he loves my daughter. I do not like the way this article is trying to represent ALL white women because NONE of this applies to me.

      • So… you’re exposing a white child to mostly black culture to satisfy your own subconsciousness that, if you try hard enough, black people will accept you. You know, because every single thing in this article leveled at white society, in all their judgments and racism aim at mixed race couples, are also present in the black community except none of them are racist… got it.

        P.S. you should be ashamed of yourself.

          • I fail to see how thinking a WHITE child should be exposed to WHITE culture is shameful any more than saying a BLACK child should be exposed to BLACK culture. Our white children aren’t any LESS fragile or special than your BLACK children are. Get that? They deserve their heritage the same are yours do. I just wish that BLACK people admired their heritage more than HATE and BE ASHAMED of it so much that ALL THEY DO is complain about it and point fingers and keep looking back acting like AMERICAN blacks have some kind of monopoly on hard times. There were many, many multiples of slaves in the South American colonies, amazing how they seem to be so much more well adjusted to reality. I also FAIL TO UNDERSTAND why white people have some kind of moral imperative to submerse themselves in black culture or else they are “shaming self”. I have no such moral imperative – my moral imperative is that I allow YOU to enjoy the CULTURE OF YOUR CHOICE without my interference. Not that I join you in it.

  9. It’s funny how this post bothers a lot of people. You people are taking this way too seriously. These things do not and will not keep black guys from dating/marrying white women. Most black guys don’t even care one bit about most of the things on this list. They constantly come up with reasons not to date black women or why they don’t like black women, but they rarely do that with white women and overlook many of the TRUE things on this list.

    Funny how no one seems to get mad when black guys/celebs tweet, make statements or are quoted putting down black women or only exalting light-skinned black women EXCEPT for black women. But let a black guy put up a mostly-true list about how white people view black men, and 90% of the comments are about how this is “racist.”

    I’m a black lesbian myself and mainly white women show interest in me, but I refuse to date them for approximately half of the reasons on this list (especially the reasons about being an experiment, not understanding/sympathizing with race/racism and sex vs marriage), in addition to just finding dark-skinned black women and Asian women to be far more attractive overall (there are exceptions on all sides, but, generally, I prefer dark features). This list also fails to mention how most white women like to use blacks for money/won’t date a black person unless he makes good money, which is another reason I won’t mess with a white woman. As for black men, I can’t figure out what’s wrong with them when it comes to black vs white (whether gay or straight), but I do think the ones who let white girls/guys play them get what they deserve in the end. I applaud straight black women for being way more cautious and aware from the beginning when it comes to white men because some of the items on this list also apply to them, as well.

  10. most of these are actually accurate and especailly the ones containing marriage chance, her sythziing with your racial struggles, and the culture she will raise your kid if it all goes well. However this is the majority of the case and there are white women for black men this list won’t apply to

  11. People should google this clown,he usually is anti Black women. So is he gay or trying to keep all the white women to himself? #clown

  12. The author of this article might want to look into his own insecurities and paranoia about White women. Many of his observations come across as preconceived notions. He is clearly uncomfortable dating White women and seems to feel that he is somehow unworthy to date them, intimidated by them, or is doing something so taboo and immoral that it’s negatively affected his social outlook. I wouldn’t recommend advising men on intimate relationships based on your own weird hangups! Relax, meet a sincere woman and be the man ANY woman would be proud to have.

  13. Niggers need to date niggers. Mudsharks, and race mixing are not good for society. Not to mention niggers are the most disgusting, lazy, and disrespectful people on earth. Why would a good white girl want to date a unemployed, chicken grease smelling, porch monkey? God I hate couples that race mix, shit is disgusting.

    • I love my husband Delon to the fullest extent to my heart. Our daughter Octavia is so beautiful. I mixed race because my heart was begging me to. I truly love him. He is a kind, smart, and respectful man. Stop being racist, black people and mixing race isn’t bad. After all, it’s all the human race.

      • Yes, it is bad. But you are free to do as you wish; and we are free to think what we want of it. We are all allowed our opinions, whether others like it or not. I don’t hate anyone due to their skin color, but marrying/making children/family is completely different. I will have white grandchildren. Period.

  14. There is always an Ape in the cave..Knoujoh..You just have to open the door and leave it Ajar for a minute..I wonder why it is that some whites hate themselves so..Don’t they know that most blacks DO NOT CARE ABOUT WHAT THEY SAY OR THINK .?…Dang..

    • If that were true the blacks wouldn’t be complaining all the time. Whites don’t care what blacks think either. That goes both ways. But mudsharks are nasty, gross women that no white man will ever touch again – especially once she reaches here inevitable status as SINGLE MOTHER TO BLACK CHILDREN. And that is where 99.9% of them are heading.




  16. All the scenarios depicted here do not involve love. If a couple truly love each other, none of this crap holds true. Love doesn’t use another person to prove something, like you aren’t racist, for example. Or care what kind of accessories are placed in a child’s hair. When love is real, it doesn’t care if you’re black, white, green, fat, skinny, sweet, selfish, even racist. That person is a part of your soul and blood and nothing can switch it off.

  17. This is the most racist article I’ve ever read. But this time black racism on white. I won’t depict where. I shouldn’t need to. It should be obvious. As a black I’ve encountered racism of this magnitude. If we can’t see that here we need to re-evaluate our prospective. Change the prospective. White men dating black women and we would be rioting.

  18. If you lack intellect ( which seems pretty obvious in this piece), most women won’t date you. White, black, brown etc.

    I think you have your own issues to resolve before you date anyone.

  19. People we are all children of who we believe we came from ,just like people fall in love with different ages if your heart and soul finds another of love and compatibility who gives a F F what color or age that person is just be happy life is so short then poof your gone .I pray for our country to treat every one Equal even rich or poor or what you do for a living I doesn’t FkN matter ? Peace P.S Oh by the way I was born white to the eye but inside I’m no color .

    • It is one thing to “treat everyone equally” and a complete other thing to be so dissociated with who you are and so connected to a completely alien culture that you consciously choose to marry another race. Most white girls I know that date black guys are really skanky and clearly hate themselves.

  20. Dude 2,4,5, and 7 can be experienced by a white guy as well. Women talk down to all men. Our messed up feminist culture has taught women that men are all stupid and need to be guided by women. Oh and all women are whores anyway.

  21. She’ll hide to kiss you, but pile on the PDA in public for attention? Huh? Wading through the stereotypes here was like walking through molasses. I’ll bow to your experiences, but just know these points were noticed.

  22. and what do black people think if a white man dates a black woman and then goes to a black night club with her? or perhaps takes a stroll though a south Bronx neighborhood together or goes to her family barbecue? the knife cuts both ways.

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  26. Well sure, you find some salt ‘n pepper couples that are attractive, but that is rare. Either they are both beautiful, or the black guy is as ugly as they come but has money and drugs up the ying yang. Then there are the fat white girls looking for love. And the bros sure do luv a big ass and “thick” women. Or as be call’n dem .. “healthy.

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  28. It’s good to read about black men dating white women. When I was you this rarely happened. I’m 73 and I remember the days when black men couldn’t even look at a white female. Things may be changing in other parts of the United States but I’m afraid here in Chicago things are pretty much as they were in regards to interracial dating and marriage as they were before Dr. King. Chicago is very tribal as well as violent; nothing will ever change in this city.

  29. Foh with that bullshit when it’s the same bullshit with Blackwomen. Blackwomen in Atlanta Georgia HATE Blackmen with a passion unless we’re feeding their fat asses or spending money on them, they really don’t want nothing to do with most of us straight Blackmen. Since I came to Atlanta I hate Black women here with a passion. I wish all of them drop dead where they stand. Fuck em to hell!

  30. This is a late response, but this post frustrates me as a heterosexual white woman because none and I repeat NONE of these things apply to me. However, because these are stereotypes and stigmas perpetuated about me as a white woman, I have experienced incredible difficulty and frustration any time I have been interested in a relationship with an African-American man. I don’t like to hold myself up in any way, but I feel that I am one of the most open-minded, culturally-aware people out there. I strongly believe in diversity and accepting and understanding different cultures, whether that is the African-American culture or something different. My closest group of friends consists of people from ALL races, from Armenian, to Hawaiian, to African-American, to Chinese. If I am romantically interested in an African-American man, it is not because of the color of his skin; it is not a fetish that I am seeking to satisfy. It is because he is smart, kind, brave, honest, selfless, and loyal – in other words, what I would look for in any guy. I would never treat him like an “experiment” or differently than I would treat any other guy I have had a relationship with. I would never consider his race to be a hindrance to marriage. I would never brush off his experiences with racism or display a blatant lack of understanding. I do not do that with my friends, and I would not do that in a relationship. Rather than raising mixed-race children in a predominantly white culture, I would expect that they be raised in and exposed to the spouse’s culture, if not predominantly, at least simultaneously. I would seek to expose my children, regardless of who I marry, to as many cultures and languages as possible, as I believe this is the best route to being open-hearted and open-minded, having learned other languages and lived in other countries myself. All of this is to say that while I understand and respect the author’s perspective and realize that this may hold true for some white women, it is not fair to group all of us in that category. By stereotyping white women the way the author does, it is only perpetuating racism and segregation for generations to come.

  31. Kristina Gresin should stick to sucking nigger dicks. It’s the only thing this race traitor mudshark whore is good for.

    At least the nigger faggot who wrote this article is right about blacks sticking to their own. Fuck race mixing and fuck the kikes and Shabbos Goy useful idiots who promote it.


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