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Black Teen Arrested for Wearing a Hoodie in a Mall – VIDEO

*Would you believe if we told you that the Black man who was recording the whole incident was arrested too? But before this happened, the security team in a Memphis mall got riled up because some Black teens were wearing hoodies.

According to them, these youngsters had violated the dress code and went ahead to kick them out of the mall. Things took a wild turn when an innocent bystander – who was also a Black teen – contested this policy and got arrested.

A Couple’s Account

Peggie and Kevin McKenzie had shared their experience of the incident after they watched it unfold with their own eyes. They were on their way to browse through cell phones at the Wolfchase Galleria mall when they saw a White security guard following the group of Black teens.

Moments later, the group was then confronted with the security guards along with a deputy sheriff after which the teenagers were ushered out of the mall. This is when Kevin approaches the deputy to ask about what the teens had done to which the sheriff replied that they had broken the dress code of the mall.

The surprising fact, however, is that the code of conduct of Wolfchase Galleria doesn’t include a ‘hoodies aren’t allowed in the mall’ rule. On the contrary, it only says ‘wear appropriate clothing’.

Instagram Trend

After this incident was explained by the couple on a Facebook account, people began to flood Instagram with their interpretation of the situation. While some people vented about racism and inequality, some White men posted pictures of themselves wearing hoodies at several stores in the mall. Their pictures then consisted of the caption, ‘no one harassed me’.

Re-Entry and Arrest

The group of teenagers had tried to reenter the mall once they had been escorted out. One of the boys was also heard saying, “We have rights.” This is when the police officers and deputies threatened the boys with a possible arrest for trespassing.

Shortly after the threat was made, one of the boys wearing the pulled down hoodie was placed in handcuffs and ushered away. This is also when Kevin McKenzie was threatened by the deputies when they said, “You’re in violation of mall policy – so you can be asked to leave too so you might want to put your phone down.”

Well, the code of conduct never mentioned a prohibition on video recording as well.

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