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Big Ass White Man Assaults Small Black Female McDonald’s Worker; Manager Just Watches – LOOK!

*Now, we have to state up front that we don’t know the full story of what happened before we saw this big ass white man reach across the counter and assault a small black female McDonald’s worker, but we do know we saw him strike her first.

The video post above shows a McDonald’s employee, Yasmine James,  in St. Petersburg, Florida being assaulted by a customer – Daniel Willis Taylor, 40, of Clearwater, Florida – over what appears to be an order that went left.

Check out the video above. You see Taylor reaching across the counter and grabbing James who had taken his order. After he pulls her down on the counter, she fights back and attempts to break free from his grip.

“I am sick of seeing footage of men assault Women (often Black Women) and no one does anything about it. This conditioning contributes to the narrative that we are undeserving of protection and mark my words: it’s reaching a peak and turning into an invitation for our abuse,” reads one top Twitter response.


mcdonalds customer attackes black worker

We’re not sure what the other (male) workers were thinking as they didn’t immediately come to the female worker’s aid. Finally, however, one of the males did step up and intervene and separate the two. However, it should be noted that the white guy/customer was allowed to stay in the restaurant as if he did nothing. Meanwhile, the young female was sent home. and later fired.

What’s also noticeable is that someone who might be the manager proceeded to walk over to the customer and checks his order to see what might have gone wrong. When the employee involved in the encounter, walked back over in the direction of the counter, the customer points to her and tells the manager  “I want her ass fired, right now!”

“No, you’re going to jail!” the Black woman yells back.

“I was just asking you a f*cking question!” he replied.

This is a developing story and will be updated. 


According to Newsweek, the white customer, Daniel Willis Taylor was charged with two misdemeanor counts of simple battery after assaulting a McDonald’s employee across the counter on New Year’s Eve.

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