Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Benzino: Ex-‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Pops Off on Female Cop; Tells Her to Suck His U-Know-What (WATCH)


*Down in the ATL, Benzino had a meeting with the local constabulary a/k/a the police and it didn’t go well. He ended up being arrested for an outstanding warrant. The good news is that he didn’t get shot.

You can see it all above courtesy of an officer’s body cam. And as you can see, he was not happy from jump (and we kinda don’t blame him) ’cause he believes the cop who ran his tags racially profiled him.

Is he right? That’s the question. Meanwhile, a second officer is on the scene (it’s her body-cam video we’re seeing) and informs Benzino that, yeah, cops can do pretty much whatever they want to whoever they want. (So Benzino could be correct when he says he racially profiled.) In any event, the former “Love & Hip Hop” star snarked this to the cop:

“I didn’t know that I could just be harassed for any old reason.”

Then he followed that up with: “Would you all pull a white person over like that?”


benzino mugshot

According to TMZ, the incident actually happened a week ago today outside Atlanta. His outstanding warrant was for failure to appear in court for a no insurance ticket he got in April.

Benzino’s snark turned to outrage … and then just plain old rage when the cops tell him the warrant is all over a prior traffic stop. That’s when he started hurling f-bombs, and getting handcuffed only amped things up.

He ended going absolutely ballistic on the female officer, yelling, “Suck my d**k!” … and threatening to sue her. Benzino’s shouting and cussing — from the backseat of the police car — drew the attention of a female onlooker. It’s unclear if she has any connection to Benzino.

As we told you, he was arrested, and a few more issues came up in the process … but he was eventually booked and released.

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