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All About Gucci Changemakers Who Boost Inclusion and Diversity

*We all know the inspiring move from Gucci to include Dapper Dan and other prominent Black voices in its board. With this decision, the brand is trying its best to promote diversity and inclusivity.

Gucci Changemakers Making All the Right Decisions

Just last month, Gucci announced that they are going to implement an inclusion and diversity program called “Gucci Changemakers.” This move came from Gucci after the Italian brand was facing a backlash for their turtleneck sweater that seemed to have a Black face on it. After this product was introduced, many prominent celebrities like T.I. and Spike Lee took to social media to call for a boycott.

Dapper Dan Steps in to Save the Day

In response to all the claims from prominent celebrities, the notable Black tailor/designer Dapper Dan stepped in to save the day. He requested a meeting with the President and CEO of Gucci – Marco Bizzarri –a few days after his apology and decision to remove all the turtlenecks from retail shops.

After their meeting in Harlem, Dapper Dan posted a brief of their meeting on his social media page. He notified his followers that Gucci is now going to announce a game-changer for the whole industry.

Positively Impacting the Black and Fashion Community as a Whole

Dapper Dan and Bizzarri, along with many other prominent Black voices in the fashion industry, came together to formulate a decision that impacted the Black community and the youth. They have decided to create real opportunities for the all the young and talented people from both these demographics from diverse backgrounds. By doing so, they wish to create greater levels of access for people from Black communities to have a future in the fashion industry.

The First Objective of the Program

Gucci has decided to kick-start the initiative by setting up a fund of $5 million. All of this money will be focused on launching nonprofit organizations that are community-based and geared toward helping the youth and the Black community.

In addition to this, Gucci has also introduced a scholarship that will grant $20,000 over a period of 4 years to all the selected students. The purpose of this program will be to diversify the pool of candidates who pursue fashion careers.

This is why Dapper Dan said, “Through our work together, Gucci is in a position to lead the overall industry toward becoming a better more inclusive one.” Well, you definitely did save the day sir!


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