Thursday, May 23, 2024

Al Sharpton Open to Backing Michael Bloomberg or Joe Biden for 2020 Presidential Race

*The Reverend Al Sharpton says he’s open to backing Michael Bloomberg or Joe Biden for the 2020 Presidential election but the won’t make a formal endorsement for more than a year, per The Atlantic.

The publication notes that “the 2020 Democrats’ courting of Sharpton is well under way,” and the civil-rights leader “expects his endorsement to make a difference when he makes it.”

Sharpton is already making big power moves behind the scenes. According to the report, “he met with Kirsten Gillibrand and Cory Booker over the weekend. He’s had conversations with Kamala Harris and Terry McAuliffe in recent weeks. And he soon will be sc meeting with Beto O’Rourke.”

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Next Monday he’ll chop it up with, Michael Bloomberg who “will join Joe Biden at the Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration in Washington, D.C., held by Sharpton’s advocacy organization, the National Action Network,” The Atlantic writes.

“I don’t think we’re looking for someone without flaws. I’m looking for someone who can work on an agenda going forward,” Sharpton said in an interview on Monday. He plans to hold off for at least a year before making an official endorsement. No one has won him over completely yet.

“I’ve been in this too long to be swayed by charisma. I want to hear policy,” Sharpton said. “I’m hearing some good things, some incomplete.”

Meanwhile, Rev. Al has suggested how Americans should spend the upcoming Martin Luther King holiday weekend, saying: “America has a way of distorting holidays” but we should not “forget the reason” for the Martin Luther King Holiday. It’s “about fighting for justice and freedom,” it’s not about having a day off from school and work. This year “let us fight to make things fair.” There are 800,000 employees not getting paid, there are people being treated unfairly so lets fight for justice. Monday “is a Justice day, a fairness day, this is not a day to make you feel good.”

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