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K-Ci Recalls Why He Called It Quits On Relationship with Mary J Blige

K-Ci, Mary J Blige

*Let’s take a trip down memory lane… way back to when Mary J. Blige and Jodeci’s, K-Ci Hailey were boo’ed up and fans were ride or die with the couple throughout the 12 years they were together throughout the 90’s and into the early 2000’s.

As noted by I Love Old School Music, even though fans heard rumors about just how much of a mess they were together, it wasn’t until after they broke up that the tea was spilled about how bad things really were.

In recent years, K-Ci explained what finally made him call it quits on their relationship. It all seems to stem from when Mary reportedly announced on TV that her then longtime boyfriend, K-Ci, proposed to her. But he immediately denied it… Why?

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Soon after Mary’s announcement, K-Ci did an interview reportedly denying the engagement and also denying they were even together at all. He later addressed the matter again in 2006 interview, but this time he admitted to giving Mary a ring but for all the wrong reasons.

“Yes I gave her a ring, not because I wanted to marry her. I gave her a ring after she came off tour and she kept hinting around that she wanted a ring. I never agreed to marry Mary J.,” K-Ci reportedly said.

However, K-Ci has pumped the brakes on his initially narrative about his relationship with Blige and he’s now singing a different tune.

In a 2015 ‘Breakfast Club’ interview, K-Ci had this to say about his ex: “That was 10, 12 years of a relationship. We had fun but, it got to the point that at that time you know, like I said we was young. Our careers…just exploded.”

He then made what many fans considered to be a surprise confession.

“I’m not gon’ lie, I did some things,” he said. “I was in love with Mary. She never did anything wrong to me. She always gave me my props.”

But the incident that he says provoked him to end their relationship went down in London.

”I remember one night in London she came up on stage and snatched the mic from my hand. She told this girl in the front row, ‘B-tch, don’t you ever touch my man again.’ I couldn’t take that no more.

He also revealed that Blige “use to break up our [hotel] parties. … As far as — I was in Jodeci — she couldn’t take that heat. Girls grabbing on me when I was on stage.”

Meanwhile, in a 2002 interview with The Guardian, Mary touched on a serious but abusive relationship she had just ended and while she did not mention K-Ci’s name, fans have concluded that he was who she was referring to when she alleged: “I was in a hellish relationship. ….You get sick and tired of being sick and tired, of people beating on you.”

Do you believe K-Ci was physically abusive toward Mary J. Blige during their relationship? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. I Do believe he cheated on her constantly due to being young n famous, n abusing her mentally n phycially

  2. Yes, his drug use and temper were widely talked about. He said she never did anything wrong. He was trying to admit to some things without making himself look too bad. But yes, he beat her.

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