Monday, August 8, 2022

400,000 People Living in ‘Modern Slavery’ in the US

*All of these people are in a new condition of servitude that is being broadly defined in some contemporary studies as forced marriage, sexual servitude, and state-imposed labor.

The Global Slavery Index Digs Deeper

A while back, the Global Slavery Index published that modern slavery is a hidden crime and complex structure that crosses jurisdictions, industrial sectors and even borders. Outside these loopholes of definitions, the number in the US had been estimated by a study to stand at approximately a hundredth of the original 40.4 million people.

The Most Advanced Countries of the World

Even though the US is one of the most advanced countries, it has more than the approximated number of 400,000 modern slaves working under the pretense of forced labor, according to the founder of the Global Slavery Index. The report also said that the US is followed by North Korea with at least 1 in every 10 people falling victim to modern slavery.

Forced Marriage and Modern Slavery

The report also found that at least 15 million people or a third of the total number of victims of modern slavery find themselves in such situations due to forced marriage. This issue is known to disproportionately affect girls and women alike and they are at greater risks of exploitation. Women, all around the world, were found to be at a greater risk of modern slavery because of their subjection to sexual exploitation, financial bondage, and a life of servitude.

The Global Slavery Index also argues in the report that the US is deceptive when it comes to modern slavery because of the fact that they exacerbate the problem. They do so by importing timber, cocoa, fish, garments, mobile phones, computers, and laptops among other products. All of these products have been found to be at risk of being involved in forced labor and hence modern slavery.

Everyone Needs to Wake to the Fact That Modern Slavery Exists

Unfortunately, there is no quick solution to modern slavery in the US. First of all, people need to wake up to the fact that it still exists. These people will include businesses and consumers alike and they all need to change their habits in order to finally tackle the abhorrent issue.




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