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Carmen Elly Wilkerson is ready for Action!

Award Winning Filmmaker Carmen Elly Wilkerson’s The Reunion airs on Aspire TV May 1st 2019. Photo” Anthony D. Brown https://www.carmenellywilkerson.net/

*Behind her elegant and effervescent smile is a brilliant and artistic mind that sees the world with a constant cinematic eye.

Carmen Elly Wilkerson is a writer, director and storyteller that has already caught Hollywood’s attention, and she intends to do it again.  This time will be even more magnanimous than before.

Kodak named Carmen One of 16 Filmmakers to Watch after she directed A Guy Walks Into A Bar, starring Fred Savage and Robert Pine.

The short flick took off like a rocket, winning a Director’s Guild Award and a Cine Eagle Award.  Variety dubbed Carmen’s film a “mini Cult Classic.

With pristine training in the American Film Institute’s Directing Program and the Guy Hanks Marvin Miller Screenwriting Fellowship, Carmen placed twice as a finalist in the Sundance Writing Lab.  While those accolades serve as a coveted launching pad, Carmen is steadily adding to her slate.


The Reunion short film screens April 27th 2019 at Raleigh Studios and airs May 1st on Aspire TV. Written, Produced & Directed by Carmen Elly Wilkerson For info: TheReunionShortfilm.com

The Reunion (an award-winning short film about four beautiful teen girls who grapple with the aftermath of a sexual assault) has screened at over 25 festivals and is set to air on Aspire TV on May 1stThe Reunion is an example of Carmen’s clever ability to tell a typical story and illuminate those unique qualities that make it relevant and personal to the viewer.

Her even more recent short, The Peck Situation, is a lyrical tale told without dialogue about a married couple whose romance has paled to a passionless peck that they exchange each morning.

Carmen guides the director’s lens across every familiar nuance of a relationship, when the thrill is clearly gone, but no one knows why. The Peck Situation was completed thanks to a generous grant from Films With A Purpose, and will be screened at the Annual Sistas Are Doin’ It For Themselves Film Festival on April 27th, 2019 at 7:00 PM at Raleigh Studios.

Born in Detroit, raised in Chi Town, Carmen earned her Bachelors Degree in Chemistry and a Masters Degree in Epidemiology.

Before she became an Independent Filmmaker, Carmen was immersed in science, education and social activism, unselfishly devoting her time to help combat infant mortality.  Her heart has been primed for every step of her career path.

When Carmen enrolled in the American Film Institute’s Directing Program, she won the Hollywood Foreign Press Award for Directing and she spent a year in the CBS Director Training Program.  As of 2019, Carmen is newly accepted into the Director Mentor Program, presented by Women In Film.

What’s next for Carmen Elly Wilkerson?  She’s already in the league, but hopes to break into the bigger leagues of phenomenal TV and film directors.

To sum her up, we’ll refer to comedian Tiffany Haddish’s favorite quip: “She ready.” As woman power continues to explode in Hollywood, Carmen Elly Wilkerson is another capable driver and innovator who is ready to take the wheel and call the shots.

For tickets to the Sista’s Doin’ It For Themselves film fest on April 27th 2019 at Raleigh Studios, click here. For more on Carmen Elly Wilkerson visit https://www.carmenellywilkerson.net.


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