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What Man Gets Married On A Day Without His Knowledge???

*A Little R&R (Regina Hall & Ralph LaClair). What man gets married in front of 300 guests and has no clue that there is going to be a wedding ceremony that includes him as the groom?  Guess Who? Ralph LaClair that’s who!

Hey everybody, this is Bowlegged Lou from the group Full Force and what a beautiful and unique story I have to share. My dear friend, Regina Hall (not the actress ) who is also the president of my organization “HopeWithAVizion.Org,” decided to throw herself a big 50th birthday bash in Virginia Beach, Virginia at a fabulous venue called “Grand Affairs.”  At the same time, she decided to surprise her fi’ance who had just proposed to her a week before her May 19, 2018 birthday bash.

ralph - regina wedding1
Kayla Hall, Zion “Prince” Jackson, Sierra Hall, Nevaeh Thorpe, Sarita Grant, Antwan AJ Young AND the married couple with the unsuspecting groom in the middle is Regina Hall and Ralph Laclair

You will never guess how she decided to surprise Ralph.  Are you ready?  Instead of waiting  to get married next year in 2019, Regina decided to surprise and shock not only Ralph, but her guests as well by secretly orchestrating and arranging to marry him at her birthday party with over 300 guests in attendance. So, she decides when and where, right??  No need to wait for the groom’s input on the particulars (lol).

ralph - regina wedding3
Ralph and Regina posing with live action painter and artist> Demont Pinder and also with Kim Pascoe mother of Swizz Beatz mother-in-law of Alicia Keys and her husband Adrian Pascoe
ralph - regina wedding4
Pastor Melvin Marriner makes a surprise appearance to perform the spiritual neutrals and wedding vows

That’s right, Regina Hall (now Regina LaClair) aka Diana Boss took it upon herself to make the decision and not even consult with her fiance’ Ralph LaClair that she and he were getting married right then and there.  Although Ralph, was unaware and not involved in the decision-making surrounding the ceremony, Regina knew her man and was confident that Ralph would not only be surprised and shocked, but would at the same time be ecstatic that his dream of marrying his true love would be fulfilled.  Everyone knew that Ralph has wanted marry Regina since Jesus walked, right? Is that still crazy or what?

Ralph LaClair did not know what hit him as he saw Queens & Kings (think of bridesmaids and groomsmen in a traditional wedding ceremony) line up to march down the aisle in a grand celebratory entrance to the birthday celebration which is not uncommon for Regina to orchestrate when it comes to her birthday. She always has some kind of special entrance happening so Ralph had no clue that this was no ordinary grand entrance.  It was amazing that Ralph did not know that it was a combination birthday and wedding celebration until Regina got on the microphone and said these words; “Ralph, we are not getting married next year 2019, but we are getting married right now today 2018.  Ralph are you “READY” And as Ralph’s face showed a combination of shock and happy animation, I, the Master of Ceremonies for the evening, introduced Pastor Melvin Marinner who was one of the marching Kings. The pastor came forward and conducted the ceremony and the rest was and is blissful history as they both said their I-Do’s and became happily married man and wife all on Regina orders & say so.

ralph - regina wedding5
Regina and Ralph in their first dance while a live surprise vocal appearance by Noel Gourdin to sing ‘You’re My Music’ (Ralph’s favorite song). Noel was flown in by Regina. The crazy thing is this was a big birthday bash that Regina was throwing for herself but instead turn it into an event mostly to surprise Ralph!
ralph - regina wedding6
Regina and Ralph pose with one of their dearest friends Bowlegged Lou Who served as the Master of Ceremonies and who was also one of Regina’s accomplices in surprising an unknown suspecting Ralph.

R&B vocalists Tony Terry, made a surprise appearance on video and Noel Gourdin performed in person to congratulate the happy couple on their nuptials. The performances are captured in the attached videos below.


Must See Video:

1.Tony Terry – Surprise Video: “With You”

2. Full Video – The Surprise Wedding


A Special Love Story – The Story of Regina and Ralph, May 19, 2018

“He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord.” – Proverbs 18:22 (NKJV)

Wedding/Birthday Celebration Participants

Nevaeh Thorpe-Princess

Sarita Grant
Kayla Hall
Sierra Hall
Kim Pascoe
Kathryn Timms
Charmin Anderson
Lorrie Francis
Kiela Hatcher-Fenn
Rhonda Lewis-Brown
Senice Black
Angel Blackman
Lagena Reed

Antwan Young-Prince
Zion “Prince” Jackson-Prince

Adrian Pascoe
Norman Black
Sonny Blackman
Theodore Mitchell
Edward “Bo” Little
Michael Daniels
Brian “B-Fine” George
Paul Anthony George
Melvin Marriner
Anthony Barksdale

Bowlegged Lou-Master Of Ceremonies

Parents of Bride-James and Mary Banks
Pastor-Melvin Marriner
Pianist: La’Quan “gifted hands” Nock
Singer: JMal Smith (Beautiful)
Surprise In Person Singer: Noel Gourdin (You’re My Music)
Surprise On Video Singer Tony Terry (With You)
Dancers: Granddaughter-Nevaeh Thorpe
Nephew-Jeremiah Lewis Brown
Live Artist/Painter-Demont Pinder
Photographer/Videographer-Ray Perkins

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