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Twitter User Recounts How She Scammed MAGA Supporters ‘Because Republicans Aren’t People’

Twitter User Scam MAGA Fans
Photo: Twitter/@chckpeas

*A Black college student in the Midwest has gone viral after she scammed her way into the hearts of thousands of Trump supporters who poured over 100,000 into her GoFundMe.

The woman, who gave the name Quran/Karen, posted her fictional tale under the Twitter handle, @chckpeas, with a picture of herself in a MAGA hat that she says she found outside.

“I snapped a couple of pictures in it, before my head started burning… and threw it away,” she told

Over the past few months, Black conservatives like Kanye West and Candace Owens and her Blexit movement have been urging Black voters to step away from the Democrats, and many Republicans have reportedly become fixated on the #WalkAway campaign. As reported by, late last month, Quran added her voice to the movement.

She tweeted, “I will not hide any longer,, the left has made us feel as if us black republicans should hide!! but not anymore!! #BlacksForTrump #WalkAway #maga” and attached a photo of herself in a red bucket-styled MAGA hat.

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The tweet went viral but things went left when she was disowned by her parents, who kicked her out of the house and refused to pay her college tuition.

To make ends meet, Quran set up a GoFundMe, asking for financial support from her newfound Republican fanbase.

“[I]f you can find it in your hearts to help this young, black republican pay for school it would be appreciated ??,” she tweeted.

Her story came with a link to a GoFundMe, which quickly collected what she reports as much as $150,000 from folks who thought they were supporting Blexit.

According to subsequent tweets, she apparently raised enough money for “my tuition, rent, and 17 iphones [sic] now.”

But hours after claiming to have been disowned by her family, Quran revealed that her online tale of woe was simply a ruse to scam Republicans.

“[H]ot take: stealing from republicans isn’t bad because republicans arent ppl,” she wrote the next day.

And while many folks praised her across social media, Quran tells the NY Magazine that she didn’t really raise much of anything, and she refunded what she had received.

“That’s between me and the IRS,” she said when asked how much she really bagged from donors, and she admitted she hadn’t scammed anyone.

“That’s the thing though: I didn’t,” she confessed. “I just felt really weird about taking their money. This could go south really fast, I just decided to refund everyone and give their money back. I think it was like maybe $200 at that point.”

Had she kept the money, Quran said she would have used it to pay tuition, just like the fundraiser promised.

“I just honestly didn’t want to take their money. Yeah, I can’t pay for school but I don’t want Republican money to pay for it,” she laughed. “I just want everyone to think I’m the finesse queen, which I am.”

via the Intelligencer:

Quran says she is taking the semester off from Howard, an HBCU where she studies art history, but she had returned to the school to visit her friends for homecoming. It was there that she found the MAGA hat, an odd find on campus, and decided to take a picture with it to make fun of other black people who had #walkedaway, so to speak. She says she just wanted to troll and get into Twitter fights, but instead, “It was just straight Republicans all in the comments who were so proud of me. It was weird. It was very unnerving.”

After discussing it with a friend, she decided to use the attention to try and make a come up.

“A lot of Republicans have this idea that everyone thinks Republicans are mostly racist and they’re really desperate to get that stigma off of them. I just felt like capitalizing on that,” she said.

“I was at 900 likes. I told my friend, ‘I feel like this is gonna blow up. Let’s try and get some money off these dumb, rich Republicans,’” she recalled.

In the end, Quran didn’t raise the tens of thousands of dollars that’s being reported.

“I can look in my DMs right now: ‘I can’t believe you finessed Republicans.’ ‘A true hero.’ ‘Sis, I stan you so much.’ ‘You’re a genius.’ ‘LMFAO, get that bread, boo. Keep scamming til the day you die.’”

She says her only regret is that a better photo of her hadn’t gone viral.

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