Saturday, May 25, 2024

Today’s Racism Report: CVS Clerk (#CouponCarl) Calls Cops on Black Woman Trying to Use Coupon (WATCH)

#CVS clerk calls police on black woman trying to use coupon

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*Well, here we go again. In this edidition of daily racism in America, the trend of white people calling the police on black people for silly reasons continues, as a CVS clerk in Chicago (#CouponCarl) allegedly called the cops on a black woman in the store after she tried to use coupons.

The man can be seen shaking (was he scared of the woman?) while on the phone with the police. Meanwhile, the woman can be heard off camera giving/spelling her name and saying she would be waiting for the police to arrive to explain the silly situation.

Watch it go down above.

racial confrontation chicago train station - screenshot1

In another racial situation, at a train station in Chicago, a confrontation between a white man and black man escalated, as they both began to fling insults at each other. Threats eventually turned into one man saying he was going to knock out another, which led to the white man calling the black man the n-word.

After being threatened, the white man can be seen and heard saying “So what are you gonna do n***a?” This led to him being knocked out and pummeled on the ground by the man. Because of that, the man almost fell onto the train tracks.

Watch the action:

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