Sunday, May 19, 2024

The New Look of Immigration: Haitians Opt for Mexico Instead of the US

*There’s an interesting situation going on in Mexico of all places. In Tijuana, immigrants from Haiti have found a welcoming home and have set up what appears to be a small, but growing community on it’s way to sustaining itself, reports the San Diego Union:

For John Arold Lazarre, the plan was to migrate to Miami, to join his aunts, uncles and cousins there. He would build a new life in the United States and send money home to his young son and widowed mother in La Gonâve, Haiti.

Tijuana? That was never his dream.

But now a year after arriving at Mexico’s northern border, the 29-year-old migrant has no plans to move away. “I never want to go anywhere illegally again,” Lazarre said one night last week as he prepared for an overnight shift helping guide airplanes at Tijuana’s A.L.Rodríguez International Airport.

Lazarre is one of more than 3,000 Haitians who are living in Baja California, the result of an unprecedented migratory phenomenon that brought thousands of Haitians to the San Diego border in 2016.

The majority today are quietly integrating into the city, though their presence has hardly gone unnoticed in a country where only a tiny percentage of the population is of African descent.

Across Tijuana, they can be seen pumping gas, peddling fruit, washing cars. They’re working on construction sites, in hotel restaurants, on factory production lines. They’re attending Creole-language church services, eating in the handful of modest Haitian restaurants.

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