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Too Short Calls Sexual Battery Suit Against Him ‘Extortion’; Vows Countersuit

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Too Short (TMZ)
Too Short (TMZ)

*Rapper Too Short is calling “extortion” on a woman who is suing him for rape.

The Bay Area legend is accused of sexually assaulting a woman on multiple occasions between June and October of 2016. In her lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Teana Louis claims the attacks included “forced oral sex, vaginal sex and sodomy.” She is reportedly suing for “sexual battery, sexual harassment, gender violence, gender discrimination and false imprisonment.

Short denies her claims and is planning to sue Louis for slander.

“The way I feel, this is just blatant out right extortion. I’m being extorted… it’s not anything else. They want money,” he told TMZ.

“My only choice is to countersue for slander and to get a restraining order and anything else to just get this out of my life,” he said.

Explaining his relationship with Louis, Short said: “We were supposed to work together and we started to but then when it didn’t become a full fledge thing… then it was like ‘oh, you raped me.’ We did not ever have sex. She was not raped. The most we ever did was foreplay.”

Reflecting on the ordeal, Short added: “The only thing you learn in today’s culture is that everything has to be handled very sensitively, as far as the work environment, as far as general relationships. Consent is starting to be a very fine line. There’s nothing that I would ever do that’s not consensual.”

“I’m pretty sure that these women are telling the God’s honest truth, but there’s a few out there that are trying to do the money grab,” he added. “I just feel like to those of you who are out there lying, you’re messing up the movement for everybody else.”

Watch TMZ’s interview with Too Short above.

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