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Miami Tip is Serving Laughs Over Drama on ‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’ [EUR Exclusive]

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Love and Hip Hop Miami” star “Tip Drill” (aka Miami Tip) quickly rose as one of the most popular dancers back in the day, especially after a headline-grabbing accident in February 2012 when she fell 30 feet from a strip pole. The incident left her comatose for a week, she lost a kidney and needed to have the left side of her face reconstructed, per

The accident also made her get serious about finding her purpose, and she did so by turning to music. Tip quickly went from cameos in music videos with industry favorites like Plies and Nicki Minaj to collaborating with French Montana, Trina, and her ex, rapper Gunplay. The duo now stars together on #LHHMiami and Tip gives him far more than he bargained for when she begins flirting with his girlfriend Keyara.

As viewers saw during the most recent episode, Gunplay was shocked to discover Miami Tip wanted his lady for her music video. Keyara, who seems to be feeling a bit insecure in her relationship, tells her man “Since you can get a bitch I can get one too.”

Gunplay isn’t upset, but he replies “You’re conquering waters that have already been conquered.”

The two women had previously faced off when Keyara confronted Miami Tip about her past relationship with Gunplay.

“This will not be the first time that a chick comes to the club thinking that I’m messing with her man, or has a problem with me about her man,” Tip says but also notes that she is feeling Keyara and is distracted by “all that ass.”

“Gunplay can’t make her happy. I can make her happy. I know what to do with all of that,” she adds. 

Viewers have taken to social media to react to the trio, with one Twitter user writing: “This whole gun play and Miami tip situation funny af.”

Another said: “Anyone else think Miami Tip is only flirting with Keyara to avoid getting beat up and possibly shot?”

Many co-sign with user @BeamteButtercup who wrote: “Honestly I am so here for this Miami Tip storyline.”

And Baller Alert noted, “Keyera went from confronting Miami Tip to being in her video….How far do you think this is going to go?”

EUR/Electronic Urban Report caught up with Miami Tip to dish about the latest installment in the “Love and Hip Hop” franchise but she would not spill the tea about what viewers can expect from her messy mix-up with Gunplay and Keyara.

“You’ll just have to tune in to see what happens with that situation. If there is a situation,” she teased.

Meanwhile, the New York native said her transition from stripper to hip-hop artist was “really easy” because of her prior relationships with key players in the industry.

“I’ve worked with a lot of artists and being that I already knew them and had certain relationships already, it was kinda really easy for me to transition over because I was able to call anyone for anything,” she explained.

When Tip popped up on Mona Scott-Young’s radar, she didn’t hesitate to accept the producer’s offer to appear on “Love and Hip Hop: Miami.”

“It’s a bigger platform” that allows her to “expand my brand” and “get more fans to get to know me and get into my music,” Tip said. “It’s a bigger platform and a great opportunity.”

Folks love reality television because it’s messy and viewers know that you have to bring the drama to maintain engagement, but were you also aware that you have to protect your brand on reality TV or else you risk ruining your career?

“For sure. I have a reputation that I have to uphold. I’m a mother. I have a mother that’s watching everything that I do. So there’s a lot of things that I can’t get into, just to protect my reputation. Knowing that people want to see the drama, there’s other ways to keep people entertained. Like, I’m just really funny so I always have jokes.”

Were there moments when you had to stop filming to tell a producer that you were uncomfortable with a particular scene?

“Never. Because I don’t put myself in those situations. I’m not a part of storylines where I feel like I’m going to be uncomfortable, or I could be called out or somebody is gonna wanna come at me in a way that I don’t want them to come at me. I don’t put myself in those situations.”

How important is social media to your brand?

“Social media is everything. Social media helps you reach out to other people who may not know you. People from different cities and states and other parts of the world can get to know you, see your music and see you as an artist. Social media might be the most important thing for an artist nowadays.”

When it comes to her style, Tip describes her music as “New York meets Miami.”

“I’m originally from New York and New York rappers tend to have a rough or hardcore, aggressive approach, while Miami is all about the fun, the sex, the women, the drugs. So I always just like to say that it’s New York meets Miami.

Watching and coming up under Jay Z and Rick Ross and watching their swag definitely motivates me and shows me the type of artist that I want to be — really swagged out, nonchalant.”

What’s been the best advice an industry vet like Trina has given you about how to navigate this industry?

“She always gives me advice and what I really love about Trina is how she keeps her music life and her personal life separated. You rarely hear about her personal life in the blogs. That’s something that I really look up to her about because I’m totally opposite. But the advice she gives me is: Keep going and don’t let the negative get in your way. Keep pushing. It’s a man-ran industry but that doesn’t mean that there’s not a spot for us.”

“Love and Hip Hop: Miami” airs Monday night at 9/8c on VH1.


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