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Matt Barnes to Produce Biopic About Black Panther Party Leader Huey Newton; Snoop Wants Role

Matt Barnes (L) and Huey P. Newton
Matt Barnes (L) and Huey P. Newton

*Retired NBA player Matt Barnes expands into the film business with an announced plan to produce a biopic on Black Panther Party leader Huey P. Newton.

Barnes took to Instagram on Sunday (Feb. 11) to reveal the project’s title, “Power to the People,” and that it has been “greenlit.”

So far, no word on who greenlit the project or who will play the lead role, but he tagged actor Keith Powers in the post and asked, “You ready bro?,” suggesting that the “The New Edition Story” actor (who played Ronnie DeVoe) may suit up as Newton.

Newton, the Panthers co-founder and one-time defense minster, went into exile in Cuba before returning to the states to complete a Ph.D. in social philosophy from the University of California at Santa Cruz in 1980. Newton was murdered during a drug buy in 1989. He was 47.

Wait. There’s MORE!

Amidst all the excitement Snoop Dogg hopped in Matt’s comment section declaring, “I’ll play Huey.” Unfortunately, it looks like Uncle Snoop should have read Barnes’ post a bit closer.

snoop dogg

In addition to announcing the biopic, the former NBA player also added actor Keith Powers to the caption asking him, “you ready bro?”

Looks like Powers, who played Ronnie Devoe in The New Edition Story, will most likely take on the role sought by Snoop. But hey, maybe there’s something else he can do … like the soundtrack?!

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