Monday, May 20, 2024

Kanye West Supports Chicago Mayoral Candidate Amara Enyia at South Side Event

*Chance the Rapper and Kanye West joined a Democratic mayoral hopeful Amara Enyia on the campaign trail on Wednesday.

The hip-hop stars reportedly donated thousands to Enyia’s campaign this week. Kanye personally contributed $73,000 to help her pay the fees incurred as a result of campaign finance violations.

The AP writes: “West didn’t say anything during Amara Enyia’s event in Woodlawn Tuesday afternoon. He looked several times at his phone and after about five minutes told Chance “I’ve got to bounce,” and left with his entourage.”

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Enyia told the Chicago Tribune she convinced the right-leaning rapper to join her on the campaign trail after he contacted her out of the blue to discuss social issues. Chance and Ye hope to give her campaign a boost by appearing alongside her at related events.

Enyia dropped out of the mayoral race four years ago, but failed to close her campaign account, as a result, she was fined by state election officials for not filing quarterly campaign finance reports as required by law, according to the Tribune report.

Following West’s contribution, Enyia’s campaign released a statement saying “the $73,540 debt to the Illinois State Board of Elections has been paid in full.”

“The Amara Enyia campaign thanks Chicago native, Kanye West, for his generous action,” the statement read. “Amara’s campaign is energizing people around the city with bold ideas and solutions that move Chicago forward. We are excited to engage people of all walks of life as we focus our efforts on getting on the ballot.”

Enyia hopes to replace current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who announced on September 4, that he will not run for re-election.

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